The Wake of the Dead

Chapter 4


I walk down the path by the lake feeling annoyed, it had been a long time since I had been betrayed by one of my small group of survivors yet I still hadn’t managed to get my anger out. It was stupid of me to ever try travelling in a pack, but something about all of Seb’s hopes had made me want to believe that he was right about people. We could rebuild, we could survive, and we could build a community. I should have known better. People are selfish. Especially in this world. Its kill or be killed. And I was very nearly the latter.

I could still remember the day Seb had saved me from my first zombie experience. It was right at the beginning of the apocalypse. I was sure I was going to die from it, but it didn’t. He appeared as if an angel sent down from god and saved me. Nursed me back to health. Showed me the first kindness I had seen since I had been split up from my family. But I had lost him as well. After travelling in a pack with him and eight other people for only a month one of our number turned on us. She had wanted to run off with all of our food and resources. She had very nearly succeeded. We caught her just before she got to our last bag of supplies. When she realised she had been caught she ran from us, shooting three of our number as she went. Seb had run after her, screaming for her to return the supplies of ours she was carrying. Neither of them ever came back. After that the remaining four grabbed what little they could and fled themselves. I sat waiting for him for three days. All I had was a gun and a small amount of food. He never came back. I was a sixteen year old girl sitting waiting for a boy like a reliant puppy dog. I learnt my lesson after that. People are only out for themselves, they don’t come back for you.
As I stopped to fill up my water bottle, keeping under the shelter of a tree I catch sight of a small girl walking up as if she was on the brink of puppetry. She doesn’t seem to have many supplies on her, and I like to believe that I haven’t sunk to the level of stealing from small girls yet. She’s a sweet looking girl with blond hair and green eyes. It’s not hard to tell that she isn’t doing much to groom herself but then again who is in a world like this, I can’t help but think that if she was in a different world she would be pretty. Exactly the type of person you wanted to be when you where a little girl, pretty. Nothing like myself. I suddenly get a jolt when I realise how out in the open she is. What did she think she was doing? Water sources like this where practically restaurants for the un-dead.

I knew that I should have stayed out of sight and left her to be an idiot. I knew that I should just leave it alone. But something in me snapped. What type of person leaves a young girl out in the open I reasoned.
I ran forward and held out my gun to keep her quiet. “Don’t move” I say

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