Celestial Corruption

Group story with: hera1432 , prcy_808 , and bored_chic1002 :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Salena Dasha

by: Apathy_
I will say it once and I will say it once only; humans are idiots.

They reproduce like mortal rabbits, and the women spend their time trying to stop themselves from aging. The men never stop eating, as far as I can see, and spend their lives staring at screens shouting at people who can't hear them.

I will never truly understand the nature of the human.

The family assigned to me does not know of my origin. They do not know that to get here I had to hide my wings away. They do not know how draining it is to cloak my halo and my wings in magic every second of every day.

They do not know that I am not really their daughter. They do not know that they never had a daughter. They do not know that all of their memories of me are false. They do not know that I arrived here only yesterday, and have not, in fact, been a resident on earth my entire life.

They do not know that it is this of which I think as I lie in this bed, as opposed to boys or school or friends.

Tomorrow, I must start school. Human school. It shall be interesting. I have been told to infiltrate the hipsters, or, as they prefer to be called, the indies. I must become one of them. I must concentrate completely on my mission.

I have been homeschooled up until now, or so the story goes. Really, I have been watching from Heaven carefully. Looking for Him.

He is a rogue. One of the Fallen, but not quite, for He did not plunge straight down into hell. Instead He has been wandering the earth, uncaptured and unnnoticed.

And now? Now we must find Him, and either banish Him, or bring Him back.

The choice is his own.

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