What Animal Am I? (Repost)

Ra da da da da da da da circus
Da da da da da da da da afro
Circus afro, circus afro,
Polka dot polka dot polka dot afro

Chapter 1


[] - You take pleasure in fooling/tricking people
[] - You're easily scared
[] - You hate getting dirty
[] - You can be really flirty when you want to
[] - You keep your hair long
[] - You don't like getting wet unless you're bathing
[X]- You like to just lounge about
[X]- You get annoyed easily
[]- You like seafood
[]- You can spend hours trying to make yourself look good
Total for cat: 2/10

[x] - You're almost always smiling
[x] - You're nice to most people and like to get to know people before you judge them
[] - You rarely resort to violence
[X] - You would NEVER hurt your friends (Unless they attacked first... But even then, it might be hard.)
[] - You really like tickling people, just to see if they're ticklish
[x] - You stand up for others
[x] - You would tell everyone that you love them if it wasn't so hard on your reputation
[] - You don't get angry easily
[X] - You share your food with people who are out of lunch money
Total for dog: 6/9

[] - You're really good at swimming
[] - You like to swim
[] - You like sparkly things
[x] - You are really ticklish (Since when are fish....?)
[] - You can fit through almost any space
[] - You've gotten stuck in a net or/and rope before
[] - You're romantically lost
[x] - You're really good at keeping a straight face when you need to
[] - You aren't very drawn to people who "stand out"
[] - You can wear just about anything
Total for fish: 2/10

[] - You like to wear bright colors
[x] - You like vegetables
[] - Your entire life revolves around sparkly things
[x] - You always worry about falling prey to bullies/gossipers
[] - You're terrified of things that other people aren't scared of
[x] - You aren't afraid of some things that other people are terrified of (Depends)
[] - You have been told that you lack emotion
[x] - You keep your opinions to yourself
[x] - You can be social one minute and a loner the next, and vice versa
[] - You are a good impersonator and/or you like to dress up as things you're not
Total for bug: 5/10

[x] - You're always prepared for something bad to happen
[x] - You make little piles of things in your room that your friends/parent(s)/guardian(s) claim is 'unorganized'
[] - You run rather than fight from danger
[] - You designate people to hide behind
[] - You say "uh/er/um" a lot
[x] - People have told you that you talk really fast before
[x] - Sometimes you stutter
[X] - You like to have pets
[x] - You far prefer animals then people
[x] - You can't trust very many people
Total for rodent: 7/10

[x] - You are prone to spelling error (At myself and others. But mainly me.)
[x] - You have been told that you are pretty before in any given way
[x] - You are modest
[] - You would rather run from a fight than actually fight
[x] - You would protect the ones you love
[] - When you get really frustrated you cry
[x] - It breaks your heart to see ads about animal cruelty
[] - You love your friends but sometimes they're mean to you
[x] - You never say so, but you think that you're kind of pretty (I don't really care.)
[] - When you were little you wanted to be a princess/prince (Really?)
Total for deer: 6/10

I'm a Rodent! That explains why I'm born as the year of the Rat. ^_^


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