A Different Percy Jackson Story

A Different Percy Jackson Story

What would happen if Percy got replaced by his half-brother? What if Annabeth cheated on him with his half-brother? Percy along with the people who are still his friends left camp with him, and they meet an ancient force and they join his army. Along with some other unexpected people they thought were dead.

But what if 500 years later Gaea and the Titans raise again? Would Percy and the rest of the Army help?

Read and find out.

Chapter 1


~Unknown P.O.V~

Shade. I heard Lord Chaos’s voice speak in my head.

Yes, Lord Chaos? I asked.

You need to go to Earth, and find a Demi-God named Percy Jackson. Lord Chaos said. He was betrayed by the people he considered friends and family. The ones who did not betray him left with him. Find them and bring them here.

Yes, Lord Chaos. I replied. At the moment I was in my Division Headquarters. My Division Headquarters are on a plant 35 trillion miles from Earth’s solar system.

Oh, and Shade take Starlight, Dove, Hawkeye, Fire, Energy, Lyta, Highrise and Jet with you.

I got on my pager and contacted them. Starlight was the Commander of the 5th Division (She’s been here with me the longest), Dove was the lieutenant of Division 4, Hawkeye was in Division 1 as a General, Fire was also a General but for Division 4, Energy was an lieutenant for Division 5, Lyta was a Knight for Division 3, and Jet and Highrise are my Division’s (6th) Co-Captains.

“Hello, Commander Shade.” Highrise said we boarded Hawkeyes aircraft. Chaos is the only person, well immortal, who knows my real name.

“Captain, how are you feeling about headed back to Earth?” I asked. You see each person in Chaos’s Army had once been on Earth. The people Chaos requested to go with me had been dead, but Chaos was able to let Hades take their souls to have a second life. Highrise was a daughter of Hades; she died on a quest to recuse a Goddess. Starlight was on the same quest as Highrise but died from poison a few days after Highrise. Fire died in a ship explosion, Dove from a Drakon, Hawkeye in a war against Kronos. Energy killed himself in order to help save Olympus, and Jet was working for Kronos but turned against him, he was dropped off of Olympus; half way down Chaos found him and just taken him. So Jet is actually the only one at the moment who wasn’t already dead.

“I’m hoping I don’t run into my brother.” She said. “I don’t know how he would take it if I did.”

“Commander Shade?” Energy said.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Why are we going to Earth?” He asked.

“To find a Demi-God named Percy Jackson.” I said everyone’s jaw dropped. From what I can tell they must have known him. “He was betrayed by the people he considered friend and family. The ones who did not betray him left with him. Find them and bring them here.”

“Do you know how they betrayed him?” Fire asked.

“Most of the Gods, Ares, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hera, Zeus, and his father Poseidon forgot about him and named his Half-Brother Hayden a better Hero because he went on a quest to find Athena’s sacred owl.” I said repeating what Lord Chaos was telling me. “The only Gods and Goddesses that didn’t turn their back on Percy Jackson are Aphrodite,” Dove smiled thinking of her mother. “Apollo,” Hawkeyes smiled. “Artemis, because he saved her life,” Both Highrise and Starlight smiled. “Hades,” This time Highrise smiled. “Hermes.” Energy smiled at the thought of his father. “Hephaestus and Hestia,” Fire smiled about his father and I smiled about Hestia, she helped me more than once when I lived on Earth.

“His girlfriend Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena cheated on him with his Hayden.”

“That’s not right.” Energy said. “Percy saved the Gods in TWO wars.”

“He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.” Starlight said.

Who are traveling with him? I thought to Lord Chaos.

“Who is traveling with him?” Jet asked me. I inwardly smiled. Jet was like a younger brother to me.

“Thaila Grace, Daughter of Zeus, Clarisse La Rue, Daughter of Ares, Katie Gardner, Daughter of Demeter, Reyna and Hylla, Daughters of Bellona, Hazel Levesque, Daughter of Pluto, Juniper, a Nymph, Grover Underwood now the Former Lord of the Wild, Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter also Thaila’s full younger brother, Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades,” I shot a look at Highrise and she had a small smile on her face. “Leo Valdez and Jake Mason Sons of Hephaestus,” Fire gave a smile. “Also Frank Zhang Son of Mars and a Legacy of Poseidon, Chris Rodrigues, Son of Hermes, Travis and Conner Stoll, also Sons of Hermes, Octavian, a Legacy of Apollo, Pollux Son of Dionysus, and Will Solace, Son of Apollo. Also a Hellhound named Mrs. O’Leary and a Pegasus named Blackjack, and Jason Grace did have a girlfriend but she broke up with him because Jason thought Percy was better. ”

“Hawkeye, how long until we reach Earth?” Energy asked.

“Around twelve hours, Lieutenant.” He replied.

“Aright, set it on autopilot and let’s get some sleep.” Starlight said looking at me and I nodded in agreement.

~Percy’s P.O.V~

“Are you okay Thaila?” I asked my cousin and she bandaged her arm. Our group was just attacked by five Hellhounds and three Empusa.

“I’ve been better, Kelp Head.” She replied.

“Yep, same Thaila.” Nico said wiping monster dust off of his sword.

“Shut up, Death Breath.” Thaila said.

“Where do we go?” Leo said putting a giant hammer into his magical tool belt.

“Are the wards at Camp Jupiter still up?” Chris asked Jason and Reyna. They shook their heads.

“Lupa took them down when the two camps came together.” Reyna said and Jason turned back to helping Katie with her leg. Mrs. O’Leary was lying down behind Katie acting as a back rested.

Boss, someone’s coming. Blackjack told me.

“So I take it you need somewhere to go?” A voice said. We jumped up, well Katie didn’t her leg was messed up, so Jason stood in front of her. Standing there was a girl looking around 16.

“How are you?” Hylla asked.

“I go by Shade, and I can help you.” She said. “I’m not your enemy.”

“Like we haven’t heard that before.” Thaila said. ‘Shade’ raised her hands up.

“I’ll call my friends out to prove I’m not your enemy, okay?” She asked. We looked at each other.

“Okay.” Jason, Reyna, Hylla, and I said.

“Do anything funny and you’ll be the first to die.” Reyna said. Shade smiled.

“Spoken like a true Daughter of Bellona.” She said. Before Reyna could ask how she knows who her mother was, Eclipse called her friends out. “Guys come out.”

Seven people walked out they were all wearing hoods.

“Take off your hoods.” Thaila said.

“Starlight, you first.” Shade said. The hooded figure, which was closes to Eclipse, took off her hood to reveal…Zoe Nightshade. Thaila stumbled back in surprise.

“Zoe?” Thaila asked.

“Hello, Thaila.” Zoe replied.

“Dove, you’re next.” Dove turned out to be Silena Beaurgard. Clarisse ran forward and hugged her. One by one they took off their hoods. Hawkeye was Micheal Yew, Will hugged his older brother, Fire was Beckendorf, Jake hugged him while Leo shook his hand, Energy was Luke, Thaila and Grover hugged him, Jet was Ethan Nakamura, and the next person took off their hood, named Highrise, and Nico nearly broke down crying.

“BIANCA!” He yelled and ran towards her and gave her a hug. And the last person took off their hood, called herself Lyta, and Hylla gasped.

“You’re Hippolyta,” Hylla said. She smiled at Hylla.

“Yes, that is my name.” I thought for a reason Hylla would know her then it clicked.

“You were once Queen of the Amazons, weren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I was.” Lyta replied.

“May I ask how you are alive?” Reyna asked looking at each one of them. She heard, along with the other Romans, the stories and all who died. They all looked at Shade.

“I’m in charge of recruiting Soldiers of Lord Chaos’s army.” She said.

“Lord Chaos?” Hazel asked.

“As in the creator of everything?” Frank asked.

“Yep.” Eclipse replied.

“So you’re here to recruit us?” Travis asked. She nodded.

“Why not Hayden, since everyone thinks he’s so good?” Will asked.

“Please,” Shade said. “He’s not worthy enough to even be near us, must less be a part of this army.”

“Lord Chaos sent us here to get you because he thinks, no he knows, you are some of the best Demi-Gods, there are.” Luke, Energy, said.

“You want to know if we want to join.” Pollux said.

“Yes.” Shade said.

“I have one question.” Octavian said. You see Octavian and I became friends after the war with Gaea and that’s why he’s with us.


“Do you have another name besides Eclipse, because they do?”

“We’ve never got a name out of her yet.” Micheal said.

“Well, it’s about time that changed.” Shade said.

“Really?” Bianca asked.

“You won’t fool us this time?” Ethan asked. She shook her head.

“Then what’s your real name?” Silena and Beckendorf asked.

“Cataleya Ebony Contessa Raikes.” She replied.

“Who is your Godly Parent?” Conner asked.

“Chione Goddess of Snow and Aether God of the Upper Air and Light.” Cataleya said.

“I really don’t like your mother.” Leo said.

“Not many people do.”

“So do you accept our offer?” Energy (Going to call them by their code names.) asked. We all looked at each other and came up with an answer.

“Yes.” We all answered.

“Good.” Eclipse said.

“Let’s get to Hawkeye’s aircraft.” Starlight said.

“Wait, we have to fly?” Thaila asked.

“Don’t worry; you won’t even know you’re flying.” Dove said.

“Just don’t look out either of the two windows.” Jet said.

“Okay,” Thaila said.

“I still can’t walk at the moment.” Katie said. I mentally face-palmed, how could I forget about Katie.

“Hawkeye fix her leg.” Lyta said. Hawkeye, Micheal, walked over to Katie and brought a bottle of something that looked like water.

“This will burn then it will feel like your leg is frozen.” He warned. Katie nodded her head. He poured the liquid over Katie’s leg and it looked like she was going to scream then she relaxed. I saw the cut on her leg completely heal, and all the bruising over her body went away.

“What is that?” Reyna asked.

“Chaos water,” Starlight replied. “It’s a mixer of Nectar and water from the five rivers in the Underworld.”

“That’s why it will burn, because of Phlegethon and Acheron, the River of Fire and the Rive of Pain,” Nico said.

“And it will feel like you’re frozen because the other Rivers are so cold,” Hazel finished. Shade nodded her head.

~Time Skip to Chaos City~

“It’s beautiful here.” Juniper said speaking for the first time since Shade came and got us.

“Come and you can get cleaned up then you will speak with Lord Chaos.” Shade said.

“Boys come with me,” Energy said.

“And girls follow us,” Shade said with Dove and Starlight at her side. Shade looked towards Highrise. “Will you go tell Lord Chaos that they are here, and when they get cleaned up we’ll meet up in the War Room?”

Highrise nodded and said, “Yes Commander.” Then she left.

I was about to follow Energy when I remembered Blackjack and Mrs. O’Leary.

“What about Blackjack and Mrs. O’Leary?” I asked Shade.

“I got it covered.” She said then she did a whistle. Then a dark figure came from the sky and the ground. When the dark figure hit the ground it turned out to be a Silver Pegasus, and the dark figure on the ground was a wolf, no hellhound, well it looks like a combo of both.

“This is Daiki,” She gestured to the wolf/hellhound. “He is three quarters Hellhound and one quarter wolf. And this is Kyo,” She pointed her hand towards the Pegasus. “She can get feisty if I don’t give her any sugar cubes.”

So, did you bring me any? Kyo asked looking towards Shade. Shade sighed and held out her hand.

"You can understand them?” I asked.

“It’s one of the many gifts you get from joining the Army, after Lord Chaos blesses you.” Fire said.

~Lord Chaos’s P.O.V~

I just got word from Highrise, one of Shade’s Captains, which they returned with all the Demi-Gods. I was happy, I would finally be able to fill all of my Commander spots and have great Demi-Gods. I had millions of things running through my head when Shade’s voice brought me to attention.

“Lord Chaos,” She said at the door bowing. “Would you like to see the Demi-Gods?”

“Bring them in.” I said.

~Shade’s P.O.V~

“Bring them in.” Lord Chaos said. I opened the door more and they all walked in. Everyone had got a shower and a pair of clothes. Everyone was wearing a White shirt and Black jeans. It is what they wear before Lord Chaos puts them in their armor in the Division they go to. I should probably tell you the Divisions.

There are Six Divisions in Lord Chaos’s Army, and they are:

First Division: Airborne

They have planes, helicopters, space shuttles, and everything else that could fly, armed with guns that shot either Celestial Bronze or Imperial Gold. They are armed with a variety of weapons: daggers, spears, swords, bows and arrows, M16’s designed to kill monsters, etc. The Airborne Division are recognizable by their sky blue armor.

Second Division: Naval

They fought in boats of all shapes and sizes, from canoes (which were used in sneak attacks) to frigates (which were used in full out battles). Once more the ships were decked out in weapons firing metals deadly to monsters and, occasionally, mortals. The soldiers themselves carry a pistol with six magazines worth of ammo, a sword, and a dagger. In contract to the First Division, the Naval Division wears sea green armor.

Third Division: Army

The Army is equipped with every weapon known to man. They carried spears, swords, daggers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades, etc. They also fought with tanks, in jeeps, even on motorcycles. The Third Division was so tough to beat that it was a legend throughout the universe. A legend of an army that swept from galaxy to galaxy, liberating the people from the tyranny they lived under. They wear Dark green and light green armor.

Fourth Division: Technical

They are something like a very large Hephaestus cabin, always building something new, upgrading something’s that existed, or fixing something that had been broken. Each division checked in once a month to see if the Fourth Division had developed something for them, and was never disappointed. When they did fight they were flame orange armor.

Fifth Division: Reconnaissance

They are mostly children of Hermes because they had to be sneaky and unseen. They are very rarely ever caught spying, and in case that the incident occurred they are armored with a pistol and a knife. They are so god because the 4D (Fourth Division) had been able to provide clothes that made them invisible. As long as they took care not to make any noise to hit anybody, they would not be caught. They wore silver armor…not that it matter, as they weren’t seen most of the time.

Sixth Division: Spec Ops (My Division)

In contract to the other five Divisions, of which the smallest (2D) held 10,000 beings, the Spec Ops are a small unit of only one thousand. They are the elite of the elite and carried out the most dangerous missions. They carried out the missions nobody is supposed to know of. The 6D wear red and black armor as a symbol of what is soon to be drawn, in any battle…blood, and the only thing their enemies will ever see again.

So there you have it, the six divisions of the Army.

“Lord Chaos.” They all said and bowed.

“It is very nice to meet all of you.” Lord Chaos said. “You are very popular here.” I saw all of them smile.

“Thaila Grace, step forward.” Lord Chaos said. Thaila did as told. “You were once the Lieutenant of Artemis is that true?”

“Yes, my lord.” Thaila said.

“Well, now you will be the Commander of the Third Division: Army.” He said. Then he looked at all of them. “You can no longer go by the name you had on Earth, that name was left behind when you left Earth. If you wish to pick your own new name you may.” He looked towards Thaila. “What do you wish your name to be?”

“Fallout, my lord.” Thaila said.

“All right, your name is now Fallout, Commander of the Third Division.” As they meeting when on here is what happened:

Clarisse is now named Redwood and the Lieutenant of Fallout’s Division, Katie is the Lieutenant of my division and is now named Strawberry, Reyna is called Raven General of Fallout’s Division, Hazel became the General to my Division, her new name is Necromancer, Hylla is the General to Division 5, her new name is Amazon, and Juniper is the Captain to Fallout’s Division and her new name is Capri.

Percy became the Commander to the second Division and his new named is Altair, Jason is now the Commander of Division 1 and he was renamed to Eagle, Nico became my Co-Commander and new name is Blackout, Leo is the Commander of Division 4, his name is now Blaze, Frank is the General to Altair’s Division and new name is Dragon, Pollux is the Captain to Altair’s Division and new name is Ceder, Travis and Conner are Co-Captains to Division 5 and are called Riddler #1 and Riddler #2, Jake Mason became the Captain for Division 4 and was renamed Ash, Octavian is the Captain of Fallout’s Division and was named Foxcraft, Will became the Knight of Division 6 (Mine and Blackout’s), and was named Rhyme, and last but not least Chris became a Knight of the 5th Division and was named Havoc.

(A/N Hope you like it so far! Please tell me what you think. First two comments will get a shout out in the next chapter.)


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