forget , ~ percy jackson love story ;D

your info - name ; bella aire . godly side ; her father is pan , but her mother was a half blood of kihone . so she like a 75 % god . hair ; dirty blond . eyes ; green . place ; clarion academy . best friend ; rachel dare and silena beuragaurd . it's first day seeing her friends for 3 years they are going to dinner and camp in the morning .

Chapter 1

dinner ~ the chapter image is what bella looks like but really its my sister <3

i pushed a pin into my hair . i wondered if it was too much . i touched my pearl braclet just for a moment and it gave me that lust i needed to move forward . it made me feel unstoppable to touch some thing that once my mother wore with pride . i smoothed my dress and i looked over my outfit once more im wearing ~ , . i loved the way the dress fell over my hips and swayed at my thighs it is truley beautiful .i got to the corner of east 93 street and someone tapped my shoulder i turned around gracefully thinking it was problily just someone asking for directions it was my friends , "bells !" rachel yelled and hugged me , i hugged back and then hugged silena who was beaming . " its great to fianally see you guys ! " i said happily but controled . " we missed you so much !" silena said still smileing . they both looked great , happy , full of life . i turned and saw some about 3 inches from my face . " oh im sorry " i muttered . "no ,no . bella this is percy our friend we brought him along because we thought you would like to meet some of the new camper so you can know some others . " she said sounding proud of her self . "of course " i said smileing half heartedly . " um yeah im percy " . he said blushing . he was really cute with dark brown hair and sea green eyes . then it clicked . "posiden ." i said like a -know - it -all . "yeah . how did you know ? " he started to smile . " the eyes . and the name ." i said i was proud of my self for putting together . " well." silena grabbed my hand , shall we ? " silena said skipping along . percy lagged behind talking with rachel , i turned to look at him but he caught my eye so i looked away .silena led the way to a little pizza shop on madison ave , called " marco polo pizza cafe ." we settled in the booth i know my outfit wouldnt be appreacitaed here in such a small esablishment , but i didnt care . i was pondering what i was going to wear tomorrow until a question sprang into my mind . " how's luke ?" i asked casualy . luke was my first boyfriend and my first love . silena made a chokeing sound . rachel took up a sudden intrest in my purses pattern and percy looked me straight in the eye and didnt say a word . " is he .... ?" i trailed off , "dead ? " rachel said "no , but not really the best of company these days . " she finshed . percy sighed . " hes working for kronos , he tried to kill percy , and annabeth ." percy said looking at the floor . annabeth i had forgotten of my old friend . " well , " i said , " it was his choice , he made the desicion he will have to live with it . " i said , i was never one for emotions but my feelings for luke had long passed . "hows may ?" i asked more worried . percys face fell even lower . " lots of sandwitches are pileing up ." he said sighing . " so the same , " . now i sighed poor may lukes mother had went crazy when luke was young trying to take the spirit of delphi , the oracle , the spirit didnt take hold leaveing may castillian crazy and always haveing visions ." well guys if everyone's done we have a tram to catch straight to camp right ? " right " they all said . we crawled into a luxury tram , on me of course . percy sat next to me and turned . " you never told me who your parent is ." he said . "pan , and half kihone ." i answer . " so like 75 % of you is god ?" he asked . " persicley ." i said . he stared at me with his beautiful eyes i felt like my brain was melting , then my bags arrived , a bellhop with 4 large trunks came over and handed me the trunks . " thankyou . " i said handing him a $5 . " i have to change but ill be back ." i smiled . he smiled and nodded .


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