The First Quarter Quell ~A Hunger Games Group Story~

The First Quarter Quell ~A Hunger Games Group Story~

This is a group story I'm writing with Melanie (Melly_AP). It's the first Quarter Quell, obviously and the story will be in two different point of views. I'm going to be Rose and Melanie's gonna be Angelina.

Comment and rate please! It's been a while since I've done Hunger Games fanfics.

Chapter 1

Rose's Point of View

I look at myself in the mirror. Today's the day of the Reaping, and I need to look good if I'm going to get picked. Wow, I sound so self-absorbed. It's probably because my mom used to live in District 1, where all the prissy tributes are.

I take in my long brown hair, brushed so it can look amazing, shining and glimmering; it's as smooth and silky as water. My ocean blue eyes look as blue as ever. The silky blue dress I'm wearing looks good and makes me look striking, showing off my curves and features.

I didn't wear any make-up; only District 1 wears it. I look down at my flats. They're as great as ever; feeling satisfied with my appearance, I go downstairs where my family is waiting.

My mom was originally from District 1, but she moved here to District 4 because she had a strange love for water. I got my good looks from her, and my name was picked out by her. Rosalina is as girly as ever, but Rose seems like a less prissy name, so I go by that.

My dad was from District 2, where the best fighters are. I got my fighting skills from him. I'm skilled with knives of any sort, whips, and tridents, of course. I train at the Academy every single day for five hours. It was my dad's idea. I don't regret his decision, though. I mean, how would I possibly win the Hunger Games without any fighting skills?

My mom smiles and says, "You look beautiful, Rose!"

I grin a little at her and say, "Thanks."

My dad doesn't say anything, but he comes over and gives me a hug. At the last second he swings his arm at me for a punch. I duck just in time, my instincts and reflexes taking over.

I elbow him in the stomach and he laughs. "That's my girl!"

"Okay, let's get to the Reaping! We don't want to be late." My mother says.

"Fine." My dad says, and I nod.

Then the three of us make our way to the town Square.

As I walk, I breathe in the smell of the ocean, closing my eyes and letting the breeze blow in my face. I hear the waves crashing on the shore, and I feel like I can do anything.

I have a special love for water; I can't stay away from it. I love everything about it. I wouldn't want to live in any other district.

I'm totally at home here.

"Welcome everybody! Welcome to the 25th Annual Hunger Games Reaping!" Zariah, our escortt, begins. "This is a very special type of Hunger Games! You've never seen anything like it!"

Zariah pauses for dramatic effect, then continues. "Every twenty five years, there is going to be a Quarter Quell, a special form of Hunger Games. There is going to be a slight twist to the Reaping, so be prepared!"

There are murmurs and mutters in the crowd.

"This year, we will select only one tribute to represent District 4! That's why there's only one bowl." She gestures to the bowl in front of her. "This is a great twist, isn't it? That means more chances of one of you winning!!" Zariah squeals.

There are a few claps, but some of the people there just grumble because they'd prefer two tributes so if one of them is a huge let down, the other one probably won't. Or they just want their kids to have a better chance at getting picked.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Zariah says as she strides over to the Reaping bowl. She waves her fingers around, slipping her fingers into the slips of papers, picking some up, only to drop them and start over.

When I think she's going to continue doing this for the rest of the time, she flicks a slip of paper into the air like a whip flying toward an enemy.

She walks back to the mike, and unfolds the paper. I hear a few people hold onto their breaths, not daring to breathe until Zariah reads the lucky or unlucky male or female tribute representing District 4.

"And our female tribute is" --I hear multiple sighs from the male side of the Square-- "Rosalina Goldenwood!"

The name echoes in my head, and I almost scream as all the pieces come together. I got picked.

I take a step forward --all the girls parted for me-- when a loud female voice erupts.

"I volunteer! I volunteer!" I look to where the voice is coming from and notice Celestine Springs waving her hand.

Anger rises in me almost immediately. Celestine has always thought she was better than me, that she's better than everybody in every way. She's way too cocky and arrogant, and slightly more male than female.

She tries to threaten me and scare me and fight me every chance she gets when we're at the Academy and she pisses the hell out of me.

She may be a year older than me, but I know that I'm the better fighter. Before I can think of what I'm about to do, I yell, "/No!!/"

Celestine immediately runs up to me and pushes me back. "What do you mean no?!"

"You heard me! You can't volunteer for me! I'm the tribute!"

I can hear Peacekeepers rushing over to our spot, probably where all the cameras are trained.

Suddenly Celestine lunges at me and makes a swing for my face. I instinctively duck and kick my right leg to her face.

Her nose is bleeding, but she doesn't back off. She looks angrier than ever. She pulls out a knife from her boot and throws it at me.

I've dealt with this situation before, so I grab the knife right before it was about to hit me. I caught it by the blade, so it cuts into my palm. I throw the knife aside and then Celestine is right in front of me.

All the anger that bubbled inside of me comes out as I punch her hard in the face. She falls to the ground with a bloody eye, her face pale.

The Peacekeepers make it to the area and takes in the situation. They pick Celestine up and one of them yells at me, "GO!!"

I look at my bloody hand and clench it into fists as I make my way confidently to the top of the steps.

District 4 stares at me --some in astonishment, some in fear, some impressed-- once I'm up on the stage next to Zariah.

Zariah comes up next to me, but wearily, as if she's afraid I might lunge at her at any moment. The thought makes me smile on the inside.

"Let's give a round of applause for our District 4 tribute, Rosalina Goldenwood!" Zariah says, with an effort, to try to send out a message saying to just pretend nothing happened.

People applaud, but I spot Celestine's parents glaring at me with a furious hatred. I smirk in their direction. They happen to be just next to the cameras.

I've trained basically all my life for this. I'm determined to win these damn Games. I have to. Or the training and mental and physical preparation will be all for nothing.

I imagine myself back in District 4 with the golden Victor's Crown on my head. Then I imagine myself at the beach, having fun. I keep that thought in my mind as Peacekeepers lead me into the Justice Building for goodbyes.

Helllloooo!! So did you like the twist for the Quarter Quell? Comment and rate please! :)

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