Just another day ( loki love story )

my girl ( Shine) gets together with Loki they offically met at a store by bumping in to him and spilling a opened milk contanier all over his shirt but they soon see that they have found love but thor isnt to happy about it he finds out that Loki has found a girlfriend and now Thor is the bad guy and want to destroy his brother!

Chapter 1

Love at first sight <3

So I am just another girl who happened to find her true love , nothing super exciting. Wait YES!!! My story is so unordianry I mean who would have thought I would fall in love with the god of mischief right? Well I am going to tell you my story.

I walked in to Target, hoping to find everything I needed. I walked over to the chips and grabbed the kind I wanted but something didn't seem right, I went ahead and focused on shopping, I got some fruit snacks and some fruit roll ups for my kids I only have 1 and his name is Kov, I try not to make it so ordinary like some peoples. When I got my list done I forgot that I needed milk so I went back and grabbed a small thing of milk and it was opened apparently because as soon as I turned around I spilt it on a tall good looking man, Jet black hair, Beautiful green eyes. " Oh no I am so sorry oh crap please let me buy you a new shrit or something I am so sorry" I say " Oh don't worry dear I am not mad in fact I had it coming eheheheh" He says with a smile that seemed to light up the whole store " There must be something I can do!" I reply " Shine I have been watching you for a while now and I just didn't have the nerve to" He says glaring at me " What? you stock me!" I laugh thinking its untrue " Oh my dear come with me and I will show you how you can repay me" He says kissing my hand " Whats your name" I say backing away " I am loki of asgaurd and I am burdened with glourious purpose" He says smiling agian " Loki? Brother of Thor?" I say " sigh yeah" He rolls his eyes. " I will come with you Loki if you promise not to destroy Midgaurd or every try to again" " Deal!"


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