The Color of Magic

Two magical beings, a witch and a wizard, are sent on a significant journey to fulfill a quest.
An original group story.

Chapter 1


I looked out my window. Oh how impressive the sun glares back at me. If only I could touch the sun, only, it touches me.

My name is Abram. I have been bondsman to Lord Sycorax for almost nineteen years now, although I feel more and more like a prisoner. But of course, I've had my attempts of escaping. I do not know if Sycorax has a clue of my endeavors, but I know he's up to my doings. But still, I try.

If only he'd look at it from my point of view, he'd see that I long for adventure. As he goes off and does what he likes, and leaves me at home. For God knows what reason! I sigh.

Only in books, I see adventure. Only I can then see what the world is made of. From books, alone. But is it possible? To touch the sunlight; I sigh once more.

"Abram, I have some business to be attended to," he informed me. Sycorax, the one I must serve. A long grey bearded old tote.

"While you stay here and finish your chores," he firmly called out. My only intimidation from him, is shown outside. I act as a coward, but I am not one. But he doesn't know that, as I can use that to my advantage.

Of course, I must stay home as usual.

"Sir, I've already done my chores," I mentioned with hope.

He looked back at me firmly, "Have you purged the kitchen? Swept the floors?
Dusted the bookshelves; fed the hens; emptied the chamber's pot?"

I gave my 'Yes sir' to each and everyone of his questions - except one. I frowned, "No sir, I have not. Emptied. The chamber's - pot," I said slowly, disgusted. (If you don't know what a chamber's pot is, it is, yes, a toilet - without plumbing.)

He raised his brow and spoke, "then you best be doing that."

I nodded, on my way to empty the chamber's pot. Yuck.

"And Abram," I turned to face my master, "if I come back, and you are not here-" he paused. "Well, you just better be right where I left you."

I made a promising sigh, "Yes, sire."

And then he nodded with a grin, as I watched him walk out the door and on his way.


I treaded toward the bucket. Ugh, it reeked of body waste. Taking the handle of the bucket, I inched to the window, but lost my balance. Almost dumping the whole canister upon the floor, I caught my balance once more. Not a drop spilt, but that was not on my mind; I looked for what made my tumble.

The carpet was bent over, as I spot a crack and set the kettle on the ground.

Bending down, I slipped my fingers through the cracks and pulled upward, releasing a secret door.

Quickly, I collected a match and a lantern and lit the way. Down the stairs, I was shocked to see what I had come to.

Realizing, the room was full of enchantments, books of incantations, potions and snuff bottles stuffed with strange-sort-of creatures. I'd always seen myself as keeping secrets, but for some reason, never Sycorax.

I started towards the books, skimming through the titles. But they were all written from different tongue, and did not recognize the language. But the potions were different, each one had a label.

Transformation. No. Levitation powder. No. Shrivel-Figg. No. Eye of Newt. No. Chicken lips? Definitely not. Tubeworm plow? Ew - no. Repel-- Snake--- no. No. No.

A lot of them were time wasters, but I couldn't leave without a certain one.. Ah ha!

I jumped from the voice that called behind me. And coward for it was no other than Sycorax. "Sir," I tried to explain, but he held up his hand to cease my voice.

"Go to your room, Abram," he said calmly. As I just stood there for a second, appalled, and then began silently walking back to my room, wondering. But still, swallowed hard, as I gripped the transportation potion.


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