Lights Out ( Original Group Story )

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Chapter 1

Autumn Faith Blackins- CIA

I hear the bell clang, and a female voice shout, " 0700, everyone up. Report to training in 5. " I literally run to get to the Uniform Hangar, grabbing my black uniform. It's a tight fitting wetsuit-like suit, with patches on it to signify what group you belong to.

I'm getting ahead of myself. I should explain. A few years ago, I was living a normal civilian life like all others. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I was sitting on the floor, fiddling with my computer while my brother Pete was arguing on the phone with his girlfriend Millie. He was 16. My parents were in the lab, when we heard a sudden pounding on the door. " Open up, Blackins Family. " A gruff voice shouts. I ease myself up, and open the door as military men swarm into the house. I see Peter looking panicked, trying to get off the phone so Millie won't have to hear this. My parents emerge from the lab, looking guilty. I don't know why, because someone shoved a napkin with some sort of chemical on it that knocked me out.

That was the last time I saw my brother or my parents. It has been one year, and I don't even know if they are alive. I woke up in a whitewashed room, with things plugged into me. The nurse's gown said CIA in clear lettering. I remember trying to fight, as they explained they needed me. For a new Unit they were starting. Wolfpack. It's an all tennagers and pre-teens group.

My uniform has four patches on it. One with a computer, signaling I am in computer hacking. Another has a boxing fist, because I fight, and the next patch is cameo because I camouflage. The last one has half a computer and half a shoe on it. It says I am a field operative, but also a inside one. I have clearance for anywhere.

I pull on my boots, black as the rest of the suit, and sprint to the Training Room, known as T-Zone to us. I sit next to my friends Leketia and Katrina. Both are gasping for air, as we do every day.

I shove my braid out of my face. It's a dark brown boring braid, like the rest of me. I'm African-American. Tall and Athletic, and Smart. The only non-boring thing about me is my eyes. They're startling emerald green.

I snap to attention as Major Richards walks stiffly into the room to the podium. "At ease, " She says, and we relax, sinking into our chairs.

" Split up into normal groups. " She commands. Lucky for me, Leketia and Katrina are in my combat group. There's also a freckled kid named Foley, a light tanned girl whom I despise named Ella-Marie, and a slightly chubby boy named Deez in our group.

Our instructor, Major Richards, walked over to us. " Combat Group, head to the combat room. Break at 1200 and switch to next group. " Ella-Marie bounces and I lead the way to Combat Wing. We get there, and start with our specialties. That means Ella-Marie and I at Knives, Leketia and Katrina at MA, Foley and Deez at archery.

I repeatedly stab the dummies methodically, putting different faces on them. R-rip There goes Ella-Marie. A stab to the heart gets that man with the satisfied smirk the day I was kidnapped. It goes on, and at 0900 I switch to Martial Arts as Leketia and Katrina head to Archery.

I spar with Ella-Marie, beating her with a sidekick to the stomach and a elbow to the face. We lay on the mat, panting hard. The hours fly by until its 1130. I decide to hit the showers. I finish at 1140, pulling my hair back into its normal braid.

We go to lunch, a fairly uneventful place. I order my normal, but decide I want to research. Maybe I can find out the whereabouts of my family. I sit at the computer, and start to hack into the CIA database.


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