When Hell Is Full (An Original Group Story)

North America had been taken over, so had the south. China wasn't any different and neither was Africa. Every country had been plagued with the walking dead. Zombies had taken over Earth and it was slim pickings on who would survive. Follow seventeen year old high school student Anna and friends she meets along the way to see who survives, who dies, and if there is a cure to be found.

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Chapter 1

Thems be the characters

Written by me

Name: Anna Robinson
Gender: female
Appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair and dark green eyes. She is 5'3 and is quite thin. She dresses in darker clothes, black, greys and browns. She wears only converse and has freckles across her nose.
Personality: Speaks only if spoken to. Doesn't "sugar-coat" undesirable information and comes across a little bit of a bitch. She loved her family dearly and would do anything to keep them safe. She seldom trusts people but loves to laugh. She is intelligent and planned to become a nurse when she got older.
Strengths: flexible, swift and able to handle an axe
Weaknesses: claustrophobic, afraid of fortune tellers, elevators, and starvation
Family: Grandmother and brother were both turned into zombies and she had to kill them before they killed her. She has no idea where her parents are.
Other: Anna had been on her school's gymnastic team and she enjoys singing.

Written by PoetryGirl_16

Name: Lyra Daniels
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: Long dark brown hair always hangs in her face and is streaked with different colors, green eyes, average height, thin
Personality: Sarcastic, Smart, Introvert (comes across as stuck up isn't really), Calculating
Strengths: Quick thinking, Strong, Can keep her head in difficult situations
Weaknesses: Doesn't trust well, hates taking orders
Family: Had a little sister she died
Other: Nothing yet.

Written by tammy1360

Name: Maddie Ray July
Age: 14 - turning fifteen in one month.
Gender: female
Appearance: Light brown hair that grows up to her shoulders; hoping to get it cut. 5 feet zero inches, gray eyes, freckles and lightly tanned skin
Personality: Stubborn, dangerous, impulsive, brave, and she isn't very approachable
Strengths: She is very protective, so everyone around her is assured safety; even if it means her being in danger.
Weaknesses: Being impulsive, she does things without thinking, causing her to get in lots of trouble.
Family: They were all infected, and she was the only one who survived from the zombies that invaded their hideout.
Other: She is stealthy and fast, making it easy for her to move around and scavenge for supplies.

Written by AwesomeOK1

Name: James C. (refuses to say what C stands for)
Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: (for the first time ever, I will have a character who is...) handsome. Also, blond hair, black eyes, medium height and build.
Personality: Enjoys company, a hard-core gamer, tries to be witty so as to be popular but is actually quite humble in the inside.
Strengths: Swims well.
Weaknesses: Can't ride a bike, is dyslexic, has limited attention span, is a light sleeper, clumsy.
Family: Two brothers, two sisters, one grandfather.

Written by_MissImagine_

Name: Ash Lee (get it? XD)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: Long black hair, brown eyes, short, .
Personality: Kind, loves making friends, leader, weird, strong, doesn't give up, emotional
Strengths: Being brave, always going first, stylish
Weaknesses: Gets off track, and falls in love easily.
Family: All turned into zombies.
Other: Nothing

Written by bored_chic1002

Name: Rain- doesn't tell anyone her real name.
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearance: vibrant red hair, grey eyes, average height
Personality: sarcastic, funny, outgoing, crazy, random, strong, non-emotional
Strengths: figuring out a plan
Weaknesses: trusts the wrong people
Family: dead
Other: her family is dead because they mad a pact- whoever didn't get turned to a zombie would kill their family members who did- she promised, so she had to kill her mom, dad, brother, and sister when they turned- double-tap.

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