May We Live, Not Just Survive

May We Live, Not Just Survive

G/F/I can meet at any time, the order that people meet doesn't have to be the order of the authors. Also all G/F/I will merge and be one big group at some point, how and when that happens we'll find out as the story progresses.

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: In it for myself..

I had been up for the past few nights and I must say that I have never this tired.
I scaned all that I could gaze upon with my eyes; crisp streets lined the lights nicely but there where no humans on it.

"What the hell..?" I heard what sounded like people, but, how? There are no people anymore and why the hell are they hear for? No matter it isn't like they could actully get past that thing.

I was running out of some food already and that is what I was kind of hoping for some people to come because if they die then I can just grab what ever the hell they have, simple enough, well, sort of.

"Soldiers?" I thought of that word all that day because that is what I think I heard someone say but again I do not know..

I shot my gun a couple of times at some zombies. All of them fell, one by one like a domino affect. I moved along the roof tops scratching this scar that I had on my upper leg.

"Damn thing.." I spoke harshly to myself as I rubbed the red scar. I layed back on a brick wall and I started to fall asleep again.", damn." I said out loud as I got up and went inside of the brick building, slaming the old wooden door shut behind me.

"Shit this thing hurts.." I said as I rubbed my scar more; putting down my pant leg and taking of my jacket as I layed it on the floor right next to a large black table.

"Good night.." I spoke out once more then I fell asleep, this how it went on for me, so, no action really. I will move on tomorror, I guess.

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