May We Live, Not Just Survive

May We Live, Not Just Survive

G/F/I can meet at any time, the order that people meet doesn't have to be the order of the authors. Also all G/F/I will merge and be one big group at some point, how and when that happens we'll find out as the story progresses.

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Chapter 20

Shadows at Dusk

"Tristan, I'm tired, and we can barely see." complained Eva, Tristan's 13-year-old sister.

Tristan sighed and said, "Just a little bit farther, 'kay Eves?"


He turned around and did a head count, for the 5th time.

"Trissy. Its at least 6. Eva can't go much farther. Especially since we've been walking since 6 this morning." said Andrew, as Collin and Logan nodded.

Tristan sighed again. For weeks they had been trying to find survivors and had come up with nothing. Taking on the role of the protecter of a twin, 2 little brothers, and a little sister was taxing mentally. Luckily, all of them knew how to use a gun.

Unluckily, they only had 3 guns.

As he was pondering this, Tristan heard scratching sound, a thump, and then a scream. Whirling around, he saw Logan crouched on the ground next to Eva. Collin was looking at her ankle, which was bent at a strange angle. Eva looked up, tears streaming down her face, "I'm sorry Tristan. I didn't see the rock. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine. It's ok." He said, looking at her ankle. I need to make a splint. he thought.

"Should I try to straighten it?" Andrew asked from behind him. Remembering that he had worked in a hospital one summer, Tristan nodded.

"Great." said Andrew, "Ok. Now Eva? I need you to brace yourself, this will hurt alot."

Eva screamed through gritted teeth as he repositioned her leg.

"I have the splint." said Logan, walking out of the trees. He hannded the crude stick frame to Andrew, who took it and grabbed the gauze from collin and wrapped around the splint and Eva's ankle.

Logan and Collin got up and whispered to one another for a moment. Then Collin said, "We're going to go out and look around."

"Fine." said Tristan, not looking up.

They walked off and in less than 10 minutes came running back.

"Tristan! Come on! Bring Eva and Andrew! Hurry!"

"What is it?" Asked Andrew, jumping up.

"People! real people! We saw them on the road right through there." Logan pointed.

"There's about 10 of them! All over there!" Collin said excitedly.

Tristan sighed with relief. There's still hope. And he began walking towards their survival.

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