May We Live, Not Just Survive

May We Live, Not Just Survive

G/F/I can meet at any time, the order that people meet doesn't have to be the order of the authors. Also all G/F/I will merge and be one big group at some point, how and when that happens we'll find out as the story progresses.

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Chapter 21

Learn to Conquer

"You doing ok, Tarah?"

Tarah Roberts turned toward her husband.

"I'm just a little tired." she replied, smiling. She went back to shifting through her bag.

They were waiting for her identical twin sister to return with her brother-in-law in an abandoned General Store. As usual, Della was running late.

Tarah decided to try to rest, but just as she was dozing off, Della came running back.

"Tarah! Jonas! Get your stuff! We have to go now!" she yelled.

"What? Why?" Jonas asked, shoving his canteen into his bag.

"We found people! Well, Cody did. But still!"

"Mrs. Energy." muttered Tarah.



"Com'on! Let's go!" Della took off out the door and ran towards the forest. Tarah went after her.

"Dells, where are these people?" she asked, breathlessly trying to keep up.

"Ok sowe saw around 10 people walk into a shed. And so Cody is waiting at a distance until we get there."

"Great." said Jonas, from behind Tarah. They all walked for a little while until they spotted Cody, crouching behind some bushes.

"Where is th--"

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Cody said, gesturing to a ratty, weak looking thing.

"Let's knock." said Jonas.

Cody nodded and boldly strode forward and rapped four times on the door.

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