May We Live, Not Just Survive

May We Live, Not Just Survive

G/F/I can meet at any time, the order that people meet doesn't have to be the order of the authors. Also all G/F/I will merge and be one big group at some point, how and when that happens we'll find out as the story progresses.

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Chapter 3


Riley Nichols trudged through the mud, staring at her feet as she went. Her red converse now seemed like the most interesting things in the world.

"C'mon, Riley, hurry up. And look up too, you never know when they'll come or not,"her best friend, well one of them actually, Joey Borne said to her, appearing at her side. 'I know it isn't exactly the happiest time of your life right now, but do try not to act like it so much. For Kurt's sake, make him feel like he's doing something right."

"It's just so hard,"Riley mumbled, looking at Joey. 'Don't think I don't feel the same way,"she replied.

Just then they heard a shout up ahead. "Riley, Joey! You're slowing us down, and look out for the zombies, okay?!,"Riley's brother, Kurt shouted.'Get up here, already!'

The two girls raced over. "A little quieter next time, please, girls,'said Kurt."Those zombies might be stupid, but it's not like they can't hear all the commotion you guys made!"

"Look who's talking,"Joey muttered.
"What was that?,"snapped Kurt.
"Nothing, nothing!,"she grinned.
"Alright, never mind you two, look over there, an abandoned shed,"Kurt said, walking over to the shed nearby, holding out his gun as he did. The rest of the group followed, holding out their weapons and scanning the area.

"Agh, this won't frikk'in work!,"Lucas, one of Riley's three brothers cried, shaking his fists, when they were in the shed, Kurt examing the room.

"What?,"Joey and Darren Harris, the best friend of both Riley and Joey, and Joey's foster brother.
"I'm trying to set this up,'Lucas replied,"but somethings not working for some reason." He pointed to the small computer tablet in his hands.

"What won't work?,"asked Paul, Lucas' twin.
"Well, y'see, last year, before um...all this,"Lucas explained,"this guy I know and I were in a huge paint-ball war, so I set up this hidden camera near our house, to see if he'd come to attack me. And now, I'm trying to get back into the camera's system to see if it's safe to come back and stuff."

"Whoa, cool idea, Luke!,"said Joey, high-fiving him.

"I know,"he grinned proudly.

"Wow, dude,"said Paul, "looks like your obsessive love for all things tech-y has actually come in handy!"

"Yeah,"said Riley, "did you hear that Kurt?"
"Hear what?,"Kurt asked, looking up from some sort of map laid out on a work bench.

"Luke here just came up with a cool idea, man,"said Paul.
"Yeah, you should check it out,"added Darren.

'So what's the idea, Lucas?,'asked Kurt, walking over.

"Well,"said Lucas, and a couple of minutes later, Lucas had explained what he was trying to do, and for once, Kurt seemed proud of his brother. That didn't last long, seeing as Kurt saw himself as the leader, and if anyone came up with a idea, it'd have to be him.

"So, can I have a look now?,"Kurt asked, though it was obvious he knew the answer.

"Like I said before,"Lucas replied, "I need to get back into the camera's system."

"And why can't you do that?,"Kurt questioned.
"For some reason,"said Lucas, "I need a passcode to do it."

"You do?,"said Riley, "any idea what it is?"

"C'mon, Riley,"said Lucas. "I thought you were supposed to be smart. That's why it's taking so long, yeah I can hack into just about anything, but when it comes to passwords, well I'm stumped."

"We'll help you guess,"said Darren.

"Thanks, dude,"said Lucas. "But y'know, if the person who came up with the password can't think of it, then pretty much no one else can."

"Have faith, man, have faith,"Darren said. "Anyway, it won't be that hard, there are only a couple of things it could be."

"Or like, four hundred things,"said Paul.

"Not helping, Paul!,"said Joey."Well, uh, what about "Good Charlotte", you like them, don't you? Like me."

"Yeah,"Lucas replied, "I'll try that." He typed in the words, but it wasn't the passcode.

"Too bad, Joey,"he said. "Oh geez, guys, I just thought of something! It could be numbers! So that opens up like, a thousand new possibilities!"

"Hey, it's not all that bad,"said Darren, "it could be like, your birthday or something."

"Yeah, yeah, you're right,"Lucas said, beginning to calm down a little. "So, Paul, uh, when's our birthday again?"

"Dude, I worry about you sometimes...,'said Paul. "Anyway, it's the 9th of June." Lucas typed it out, but again no answer.

"Okay, guys,"said Joey, "let's keep trying!" A while later, they were still guessing.

"Well, um, anything you really like, Luke?,"Darren asked hopefully.

"His teddy bear, JJ,"Paul said, grinning. "His first computer, pizza, his blanket, Sweekoo..."

"Hey, stop it, already!,"cried Lucas. Riley giggled suddenly, "I think I know."
"Well, out with it then!,'said Paul.
"Emmm...Joey?,"she giggled. Lucas went red, "of course not!"

"Type it in anyway, Luke,"said Darren. So Luke did as he was told, LOADING came onto the screen.

"It worked!,"Riley, Paul, and Darrren exclaimed. Joey looked away chuckling, while Kurt looked mad that his brother had done something right.

"So...,"said Paul, "why'd you make the passcode Joey?"
"Erm, no time for that, now,"Lucas replied, "look, I-I think I see something!" Lucas pointed to the screen. There were a couple of strange figures nearby.

"We've got to go back,"said Darren, "they're survivors, like us."

"Whoa, there,"said Kurt. "Hold your horses, they could be zombies."

"But they're not, Kurt,"Lucas replied, "look, I'll zoom in." And that's what he did.

"Look,"said Paul, pointing to the screen, "real people." Kurt just stood there, looking defeated.

"And there are five of them,"Joey announced. "And I agree with Darren, we've got to go back, we can't stay here forever."

"Yeah,"said Paul, taking Riley's hand. "Stay here if you want, Kurt."
"Alright, alright, I'll come,"he replied, "I told Dad I'd protect you." And they walked out of the shed, weapons at the ready.

After a couple of minutes of walking, they were almost home. And then they saw the survivors, five of them, two tall ones, a small one and two in the middle.

"This,"Paul said, as they approached, "is going to be interesting."

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