Where are you?

Chapter 1

Where are you?

I sit herer waiting.
looking down at my phone
to brighten up, make me brighten up
where have u gone?

Thats right
you needed space, u needed to talk to him...
walking away frm me to talk
walking to someone else.
what is the point?

i have been here all along
caring for u lik a rose in my hand.
loving u like u were a queen
and u just leave me in the dust

you neglect to aknowlegde
what i actualy do and mean
how i actualy feel and want
you have moved away from me soo far.
that i dont even know what to do.

My love for you is endless
that is certain
my feeling for you will not change
but i will not sit and just be forgoten.
i will not be ignored.
i will not be uncared for

you said you will always be there
i feel, feel hard, harder then ever befor
i yelled out, yelled for anyone
i yelled for you.
..noone came..

i felt so alone,
in my bed,
looking at this screen
and where were you?
talking to him nd not me
backing away from me wehn i needed you most

i have thought of that time
how can u love me
and just leave me there

how can u just forget me in the dust
just let me go
let me fall
let me...almost die.

die from my own hands.
fist forming
anger rising
alone and scared
noone to stop me
nooe to comofort me
noone to love me

you smile adn say you do
then txt him
the smile then becomes real nd giggle
but u say i make u happy.
that i mean the world to you
yet, it seems
how i feel means nothing.

i try to talk to you.
you just say what i want to hear
then go back to what u were doing


done taking advantage of
done being tooo nice
done being always there for somone who dosnt want me there
done with being ignored

you say you love me
show me.
by the time you read this
i will be long goe
i wll still be your friend
i will still love you

but u love him
not me
no matter how much u say the words to me
i dont feel the power or meaning behind them
no emotion.
just empty words

where was she
where in the world.
thats riight,
with him.
talkjing, opening, trusting

but, i will be fine
you might be upset
but he will cheer u up
he always does

i want someone to be there for me
to love me,
to give me the comfort i need
the time of day
their deepest secrets
their happiest moments
their warmest smiles

where did yours go?
to him. i see
where did your words go?
to him
where is your love?
to him

so, like a bag in the wind
i will drift away.
the time has come
an there is no reson i see left

no trust
no love
no communication
no understanding.

he might win your heart
but u will see
as i am gone
you will see
that i was something else
that no matter what he says or does
noone will ever compare to me.
how i feel
how i was
how i look
how i am

so where are you?


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