Project E ~Original Story (New Chapter)

A corporation funded by a rich family needed people to help around the house but without paying them or wasting their money. That's how they were made. Robots in a human form. Human brain, body, everything. All they want to do is fit in.....


Chapter 1

Plan A

Drew's POV
He pounded on the teal blue locker and handed me a small red booklet.

"What's today's plan, Ramon?" I said, setting my books into the top shelf of my locker and getting a better grip to the booklet.

"We gotta check out the teacher's lounge. I'm getting a weird sense that something's in there." he indicated.

"We'll have to check that out with Avery and the others." I scanned through the booklet he gave me.

We've been investigating the school for the longest, trying to get information about a regular teenagers life. The point is to create robots that are configured to act as a teen. We also are trying to compose our selves to act like actual teenagers. I guess you can call us an evil secret agent group but I just say it's my "dirty little secret".

"Got PE next with Corri?" I asked him.

"Yeah, what do ya' need?" he replied as I handed him a piece of paper with scribbles on it.

"Give it to her. She knows what it is." I explained. I snagged my speech notebook and a couple of pencils and sped off to the bathroom.

I sat on the closed toilet, mirror in hand. I toyed with the metallic eye patch that was hidden behind my long bangs. Supposedly, I can see people's minds and see the future like movie with this, but I always ended up blowing up and bruising my face. I peeked through the cracks of the stall, seeing if anyone had come in. It seemed to be two other girls, of course, just fixing their hair and putting on makeup.

"So, like, you know about those new weird girls?" one of them said.

"Yeah, but the guys they hang out with are totally hot. I hope they're not dating." another admitted. I peeked out a little more to see one of the girls now fixing their hair.

"You just want them all to yourself!" the hairstylist moaned.

"Mmm, I'm totally in love with the Ramon one. He's so mysterious and hot!" the makeup artist giggled. Getting bored of their ditzy conversation, I stepped out of the stall and got greeted by a gasp.

"Oh, hey." the makeup lady stammered followed by a sigh. I slid the mirror in my back pocket and fixed my bangs a bit more to cover the patch. I gave them a slight look then walked out.

"Drew!~" someone pulled to the side of the hall.

"Have you've been standing here waiting for me?" I asked.

"Nah, those girls pulled me over here while they were trying to flirt with me. This stuffs' getting really irritating y'know?" Reid told me.

"I guess so. At least your not being called cooky and weird and get looks all the time. When's lunch period? We got to search the school for a bit." I commented.

"One more period. What's up this time?" The halls slowly started to clear, telling me the class bell is about to ring.

"Tell the others to meet me outside by that big tree. I'll tell everyone then." I then sped off to speech class.

"Guys, It's not safe in there. If you die then this whole corporation will end." our creator and boss, Avery assured.

"Don't worry we're strong enough to stand to whatever crap is in there." Corri called and snatched the mini laptop from my hands that was showing Avery's face.

"Right. I have to continue creating our new creature. You guys go along." she concluded and the screen turned black once again.

"So to the teacher's lounge?" Reid asked. I nodded

"Where is that again?" Zane, our newest member of the group questioned.

"No clue." Corri admitted.

"Follow the teachers, I guess." Ramon suggested. We headed back inside and to the lunchroom, following Mrs. Marks, our math teacher, to the lounge.

"Wait, don't we need a plan or something? We can't just walk in at the same time as her, she'll kick us out." Corri notified.

"You guys keep going, I've got a plan." Reid said and started to head towards the teacher.

"Don't go all 'cool' on us. All your plans end up sucking." I complained.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Marks, can I ask you a question?" he went up to her as we sped off the other direction straight to the teacher's lounge.

I sniffed the door, checking if anyone was inside.

"I think we're good," I whispered and quietly opened the door. I could sense the radiation and laser powder right away.

"Be careful guys, Radiation is all over this room and if we breathe at a bad time, we could die instantly.

"So what are we looking for exactly?" Zane asked.

"Anything and Everything." Ramon responded.

"Search around guys." I concluded as we all scrambled around the room like fish being chased by sharks.

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