I think I wrote this Poem...

I'm not so sure.

Chapter 1


by: CaughtUp
(Okay, I'm not sure if I wrote this poem or not, but it was in my files. I think from about... 3 years ago? So I really don't remember and when I try to type it on Google, it doesn't come out... So I think it's mine...)

From all the others, I am being shadowed
As I turn around
All I see are shadow's darkness
Storms that never end
The other people see clear lights
Dreams coming true
I can see the difference between us
That I'm being shadowed

All I want is to be me
But as I see
The others are all different from me
Darkness Shadows
Are all opposites
From Angles' Cotton candy clouds
Can you see that I'm being shadowed
And no one gets me
All I can say is that I'm being shadowed

I think this was about me, being an outcast in my English Academy.... I had no idea why.... But still, it came into me. I expressed my feelings in this poem.

Now the people who did an outcast on me, have disappeared without an apology back. They're the ones who are wrong.


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