Spinning Circle

For the Quibblo Writing Contest #15

Chapter 1

Spinning Circle

by: Salocin
Spinning Circle

Many children around your feet, looking small but never meek.

Always running, they never walk, maybe even before they talk.

They play all day and into night, casting shadows in pale moonlite.

When it's time go to bed, they offen refuse to lay down their heads.

Stories upon stories are read to them before they allow the lights to dim.

Sleeping in their dreams caress, driffing to a peaceful rest.

Dreams of kings and knights with swords; dreams of Christmas come once more.

They wake at dawn; this is true, some before the morning dew.

To school they go to learn new things; at recess time they play on swings.

They grow and grow each passing year, and graduate with happy tears.

Childhood has gone away, now an adult, they forever stay.

Off to college, off to work, off to find where adventures lurk.

They enter into the dark abyss, and think of times they've come to miss.

Love is found and makes them glad, for they know it’s not always had.

Years again have passed them by, hope nothing's missed to make them sigh.

Soon comes news that little feet will here in about forty weeks.

Months pass by, the time has come, to finally bring thy child home.

And so the circle starts to spin, as a new life begins again.


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