Why I hate quibblo lately

Chapter 1

Ugh ugh ugh

Well, first of all...its so dam SLOW!! My computer is slow enough as it is. I don't need a slow site, but there is no site as easy to waste time on as quibblo...so Im not going anywhere else. I want to stay HERE...but seriously...what ever is making you so slow, quibblo, GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!!!
And those dam internal site errors...I have 58 messages to go through...and doing that all the time...it just ends up taking me a really long time =/ And if I just don't check them, the messages will pile up, and I'll have to leave this account for a new one, and I don't want to do that. I like this account. I mean, look at my album, plus I'm part of some EPIC stories.
Plus also if I made a quiz and I try to upload that and it does that...I have to start over...and it makes me sad.
And I know its not just my internet connection because everyone else is complaining too, so it has to be the site. DO SOMETHING!
And also, sometimes I'll leave a comment, and it wont show up. THATS bad. Anyone else have that happen? Cuz that SUCKS


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