Frosted Pumpkins

Frosted Pumpkins

This is a fan fic I wanted to make about my character Abigail Breeze, the spirit of autumn, and Jack Frost, the spirit of winter(and the most wanted movie character out there. His fan base is HUGE!).

Chapter 1

Abby Of The Fall

My eyes open, blurry at first, then they clear up. The air is cool, but the trees are green and growing. Not a single leaf is out of place. I stand up, not knowing where I was. Who I was. I look up to the sky and see a full, white moon. "Your name is Abigail Breeze. You are the Spirit of Autumn." said The Man on the Moon.

"What do you mean?!" I yell. No answer comes from him. "How did I get here? Where am I" I call. Still nothing. I sigh. I cannot remember anything.

I walk through the woods, not knowing what to do with myself. Who was I? Why was I here? How did I get here in the first place? So many questions race through my mind. I look at the trees I walk pass and touch their bark. I look at the low-hanging branches. I touch a leaf.

At my touch, it instantly turns orange. I jump back for a moment. "What the...?" I feel surprised, but excited. I climb the tree and touch leaves as I go, turning them into all shades of orange, brown, red, and yellow. By the time I get to the top, all of the leaves are colored. I laugh and let go of the branch. I try to fall to the ground, but the leaves all fall off the tree and circle me. "Oh my gosh!" I yell as I fly upward. "This is amazing!"

I spin and turn in a little tornado of leaves, flying through the forest, spreading the magic and beauty of Autumn to every tree. I land and the ground, feeling the grass beneath my feet. The leaves gently fall away at my sides. I make them into a little pile and sit up against a tree. I look up at the moon and smile.

I may not know every little thing about myself this very moment, but maybe that's alright... For now.

Hi guys! I hope no one gets too mad at me for making a fan-fic... I just recently saw this movie and fell in love with it. And it's characters(-cough-Jack-cough-). ^^''' Thank you for reading! I may write more later. Thank's again!

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