An "About Me" (I'm taking a break.)

I have two 15 page papers I've been working on, and my mind needed a break, so I decided I would do an about me that I found online.

Chapter 1

So let's get started...

What name do you go by?
Well, Kristiana. A lot of people call me Kristi as well.

How old will you be on your next birthday?
I'll be 23 on August 3rd.

Do you think you are tall or short?
I'm about average I think. I'm 5'4".

How do you feel about your body?
There are some areas I would like to improve but I'm not making myself sick over it. I'm being realistic about it, doing something about it, and staying healthy.

What was the best pet you had?
That's honestly really hard for me to answer since I have had a large LARGE number of animals in my life. However, I've always been very "close" to my dogs since they were a great comfort to me in less than wonderful times - things a child should not have to shoulder or deal with in their younger years. I work very well with dogs and understand them - and they always have a sense of obedience to myself when they don't for other members of my family. I get dogs and I think they get me.

Do you think you have a goal in life?
I do, but it is a very general one. I want to be happy and make others in my life happy as well. Everything else just plays into the ultimate goal.

What shows do you follow on TV?
I don't really watch anything regularly. I've watched the first two episodes of Vikings so I might keep up with that. I watch Craig Ferguson as well. I've watched other series (Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Being Human, and so on) but typically it's all at once online after they've aired haha

What's frustrating you right now?
Honestly, partly money. However, it's mostly my time constraints between work and grad school. My two term papers are due in 10 days and I've just started writing one of them. I'm not usually this late to start work but my job-work has been keeping me active and very tired.

What are some of the things you ate and drank today?
I ate a salad around 11 this morning and had marinated chicken for dinner. I've had milk, water, and a mini-gatorade to drink today.

Would you tell me what your last 3 text messages say?
Sure, "Yea thats fine love you", "Wake up", and "hope you are ok i feel bad u had to work i love you"

What does the last song you listened to mean to you?
Well the last song I listened to was "Call On Me" by Janis Joplin. One of the more stripped down versions. It provokes a lot of feelings, I'll tell you that much. That voice.

Who do you miss?
Mike, mostly. I don't know when our next visit will be. Also, some people who have past away in the last handful of years. There are things I wish they could have been apart of.

Do you mind talking about yourself on the internet?
No, I don't mind really. It all depends on the conversation and how I am feeling at the time. I'm pretty open and honest online (to an extent...not with personal info that's dangerous to give out).

Do you think other people will fill this out?
I'm there is someone here who feels like it.


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