I Met Bilbo Baggins- a "Hobbit, or There and Back Again" Fanfiction

Hello, I'm Aella and here's something none of you would ever believe- I know Bilbo. THE Bilbo Baggins. Yes, somehow, I wound up in The Hobbit and helped reclaim the treasure of the Misty Mountains, along with reclaiming memory of my past, which I never knew existed. Here's my story.

Chapter 1


It was a warm, spring afternoon, I walked through the woods, enjoying the sound of the twittering birds overhead in the trees. I came across the tree I always sat under and leaned against it, breathing in the moist air. I pulled out my leather notebook and pencil and sat down. I tapped my pencil upon my chin, wondering what to draw, when suddenly, I thought a rustle and a snapping twig. I whipped my head around, my long, untamed mousy-brown hair following suit. I didn't see anything. "Must be a squirrel or rabbit," I whispered to myself. But then, I heard it again and this time, I saw the tall grass sway as well. Scared, I rose and began to slowly move towards the spot were I thought the creature was. Was it a bear cub? Or-or a wolf? I peaked into the grass, heart hammering, but nothing was there. I let go of my breath and turned around to go back to drawing, when I felt the tip of a sword on my back. I froze, not daring to even breath. "Your name?" a rough voice asked. "Ae-Aella," I said,slowly turning around. I found myself face-to-face with a man with a beard and long black hair. He wore heavy skins and fur boots. His face was grim and serious and his sword was pointed to my heart. "A spy, you must be, an elf-spy to be more exact," he said. "Elf-spy?" I thought, "Im not a spy and DEFINITELY not an elf! What the heck is this dude doing here, dressed in furs, on our property?" Then it dawned on me. Elves. But it couldn't be! "Impossible!" I whispered. "Hmm? Impossible, you say? Then what in Middle Earth are you doing here, in this treacherous place known as the Lone-Lands?" The man asked, thinking that "Impossible" was my answer to his accusation. "I-I wanted to draw. In the peace, sir. You know," but I knew that he didn't know. I so wanted to take that back. Worst answer in a predicament like this. The guy growled and said, "Spy for sure. Come with me." He roughly grabbed my arm and drug me away. "Oh my god," I thought "This isn't good!" "You think?!?!" I mentally shouted to myself.
We walked through a large cluster of trees and emerged into a clearing. There were other men in furs seated around a fire. A boy- no another man, this one short- was standing next a tree. My eyes widened when I realized what was going on. These men in furs were dwarves and the short man was a hobbit! To be more exact, they were Thorin Oakensheild, Fili, Kili, Bifur, Bofor, Bombor, Oin, Gloin, Balin, Dwalin, Nori, Ori, and Bilbo Baggins! The one who dragged me to the camp must have been Thorin. THE Thorin. My goodness, should I even trust my eyes??? "Dwarves," Thorin said,"our good burglar has found a spy." "A spy?" Asked one of the dwarves, I'm guessing Fili. "How do you know?" He asked. "Because she is an elf. And what would an elf be doing in these woods?" Thorin replied. "An elf?" I asked, finally mustering up some courage to speak, "I'm not an elf! If I was, I'd have pointy-" I froze. I was feeling my ears and found that they WERE pointy! I looked at my hair, which was now longer and much, much neater and smoother. I was an elf. "Impossible," I whispered to myself for the second time.

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