Why me? (loki love story)

Kiara, a 17 year old girl is on her way to her bus stop but it's 5:30 and one day the street lights go off and a mischievous man named loki comes and takes her to asgard with out her premisson when she tries to escape he wont let her but in the end thor comes and rescues her but she finds out she is in love with the god of mischief and she becomes a villian and takes over midgard.

Chapter 1

Bus stop

" Get up Kiara, your going to miss the bus" My mom says shaking me from my dream " uhhh... 5 more minutes" I say turning over " Kiara now!" She says rasing her voice " Fine! Im up Im up" I say " now get out I gotta get ready" I shove her out the door and lock it. I slip on some skinny jeans and take my bra off and replace it with a fresh one then I slip on a t-shirt that has a stick figure says ya dig my gal?. I unlock my door and head to the bathroom and brush my hair, I find my sneakers and slip them on then tie them.

'I'm leaving mom" I scream then head out the door. I check my phone that read 5:32. " Kiara... Kiara....Kiara" A faint noise whispers behind me " huh who said that?" I say in confusion " Kiara my dear come to me come to your loki". Loki? my brother loves him " I've heard of you loki didn't you get smashed and I thought u were in jail" I say with an additude " My dearst Kiara I have made mistakes that i regret I know I tryed to destroy this planet and I am supposed to be in jail but Odin said if I can find one girl to help me out of my mishievious ways I can stay out of jail and I chose you" he says with a long sigh " well too bad I ain't helping you with anything' I say turing around to walk of, then all of a sudden he appears in front of me " I wasn't giving you a choice" He says grabbing me " Get your hands off me" I smack his hand and kick him in the nuts and make a run for it " you little... come back here" he says. I stop like he is controling me " Let me go I don't want a villian as my boyfriend" " I didn't ask what you wanted" he says wrapping his arms around me " Get off" I say squirming " I will be the first man to kiss you... to bed you whether you come willing or not you will be mine and mine alone do you understand my dear?" he says echoing that in my head somehow " No I don't understand why me?' " your beautiful...Beautiful you should know it" he says with a tune " Leave me alone LOKI!!!!!!!! MOMMMMMMM MOMMMMMMM MOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!" I scream trying to break his grisp. I notice my door opening and there my little brother stand wide eyed smiling " LOKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screams running up to him " Uhhhh... Hi" Loki says kneeling down to hug him " Can I meet your brother thor?" he says " I have to go now" Loki says dissapearing in to the cold air. " go back inside" I say.

He goes back inside and I head for the bus stop and head to school, I have no idea what happened. " Hey Kaylie " I say smiling " Hey girl sit!" she says. I sit down " Umm... this is going to sound completly insane but I think a super villian has a crush on me' i say " Kiara thats crazy! villians don't exist" she protests " Maybe I was dreaming" I sigh and get off the bus

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