Guess What Cool Holiday is Today?

I plan on doing this for every cool/lesser-know holiday.

Chapter 3


For all you history buffs out there: March 16th is the first day of the Bacchanalia! (Oh holy cheese wad, that's actually in the Quibblo dictionary! If you spell it B-a-c-c-h-a-n-a-l-i-a without the dash marks it actually shows up without the red squiggly line!)

Copied this from Wikipedia: The bacchanalia were wild and mystic festivals of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus (or Dionysus), the wine god. The term has since come to describe any form of drunken revelry.

With that said, NOBODY GO GET DRUNK! That is very not okay! Got it?

So that's that. BTW, sending this out a day early because tomorrow I have a piano recital, Grandpa's birthday, and then I'm going to Maple Sugar camp (or whatever the heck my GS troop leader calls it). So, yeah.

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