You know you Lord of the rings obssesed when...

Chapter 1


1. When watching TTT you have to resist the urge to scream "THERE WERE NO ELVES NEATHER FROM IMLADRIS NOR LORIAN, IN THE BATTLE OF THE HORNBURG!"
2. But you mourn Haldir anyway
3. Its not hello its "Hail and well met."
4. You know the diffrence between Quenya and Sindarin
5. You can recite all the names of the kings(and the four ruling queens) of Numenor
6. You no longer answer to you real name, but rather, you prefer to be called Pippa, daughter of John, of the house of Anderson (Add your name, fathers name and last name were mine are)
7. If someone else likes Lotr they dont talk to you because the dont want a 3 hour lecture on how Tolkien, not Jackson, was the creator, and how Jackson majorly screwed some things up
8. When someone says your obssesed with Lotr you say"And proud of it!" And smack a mug down on the table the way Frodo does
9. When your watching TV and the show a pircture of something from Lotr even for a nanosecond you know exactly which part it came from, even with no sound
10. If one of your friends sees a picture of one of the actors from Lotr they cover your eyes while you pass
11. If they dont catch the picture in time the groan in agony at you explanation of "He was in LOTR!" And you go on to tell his life story
12. Your screenname is Lotr releted
13. You cursed your familys genetic bloodline, because they dident come from Elves, Dwarfs or Hobbits
14. You lost in the forest and you start singing "Tom bom, Jolly Tom, Tom Bombadilo"
15. Youve been stuck in slow moving traffic and you leanded your head out of the window and shouted"Fly you fools!"
16. You have devoloped a sudden "need" to take archery lessons
17. You having lunch with a friend in the park and you suddenly shove her and yourself behind the.nearest tree, because you saw a flock of blackbirds
18. Whenever you are having a problem you wish Gandalf was here to advise you
19. When your teacher tells you to group up, you take your things and join one of the groups saying"Youll need someone intelligent in this group...assignment...thing
20. You lose a sock in the washing machine and sadly announce "It has fallen into shadow."
21. You practice swinging up onto a horse like Legolas in TTT
22. You correct anyone that gets sonething confused between the books and the movies
23. You insist you are a hobbit even thouh your 5'2, when your friends point it out you tell them you drank ent water
24. You cringe whenever anyone mispronounces a Lotr name
25. You know every change Peter Jackson made from the books and point them out to the person waching the movie with you
26. You drew a picture of the gates of Moria and stuck it on your bedrom door not letting anyone in unless they say "Mellon" when knocking. Even though only your Lotr obssesed sister knows the password. When any one asks you what the wierd drawing on your door is you say "Its quite simple if you are a friend,simply speak the password and enter." In your best Gandalf inpersonation.
27. When every you say anything with the word elephant in it you always say oliphant.
28. If you don’t get anything Lord of the Rings for Christmas or your birthday (heaven forbid) you yell at every one and sulk for the whole
29. You got lost in a mall because you were staring at a RotK poster and your mum got onto the elevator without you. Of course all this happened without you taking even the slightest notice. Nothing exists but the poster...
30. When youre reading a book or look at a picture that has nothing to do with LOTR and see a dwarve or elf that seem to be very simaler to Legolas or Gimli you cant help but mutter "copycat"


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