Life's path of love ( an original love story)

Okay Piper louise is an average highschool girl. She is the headcheer leader and studentbody president. She has the football quaterback glued to her side. Her life is going great but she has no idea what her future holds. Her dream collage is Penn state but the love of her life Asher has been accepted to many collages accept hers. Can they work out their paths of live and still keep control of their love or will it all end in flames.

Chapter 1


Name: Piper Louise McPherson
Age: 18
Eye color: aqua blue
Hair color: light brown hair
Apperance: beside her hair and eyes piper usaully trys to wear matching pretty colors. During cheerleading she wears a high ponytail.
Personality: smart and very nice to everyone.
Boyfriend: Asher Holt

Name: Asher Holt
Age: 18
Eye color: green
Hair color: dark brown
Apperence: always has his hair cropped unless Piper and him are in the middle of a makeout session.
Personality: his is a all around nice guy. He is smart but has a hard time in math.
Girlfriend: Piper Louise McPherson

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