Tabu"s Revenge

Hey! So m and my friend decided to make this story. Its about some of the characters from Super Smash Brothers. As I write this im listening to a song. Songs will come at the end, and maybe in some chapters..anyways read please!

Chapter 1

Villan"s Meeting

by: Lucina
'Calm down everybody, calm down!' King Bowser of The Koopas said. 'Tell that to Ganondork! He coundnt shut up even if his life depended on it!' replied Doctor Eggman. 'DONT CALL ME THAT YOU IDIOT, IM NOT A DORK! YOUR JUST MAD BECAUSE IM SMARTER THEN YOU!' Ganondorf shouted. 'Dude, chill.'said Ice over[A/N he is a made up villan peoples]. 'Shut up Ice Over!' said Wolf. 'What's wrong with you?' asked Ice Over. 'Im here with you idiots!' he snapped. 'ONE MORE PERSON CALL ME AN IDIOT YA HEAR? ONE MORE!' screamed Eggman. Bowsr couldnt take it anymore. He shot out fireballs. 'YOU RETARDS, SHUT UP NOW NOW NOW! STOP TALKING OR ELSE YOUR ALL DEAD!' He screamed. That made them go quiet. Now, I bet your all wondring why your here.' Bowser began. 'Yea, I could be killing that pig loving idiot Link!' said Ganondorf. 'The f did I just just say?' Bowser snapped. 'Dude.' said Ice Over. 'Chiiil out.' 'ICE OVER-' Began Bowser but he was interrupted by the sound of someone chuckling. The villans all turned to see a dark shadowy figure standing in the door way. Eggman growled. 'What do you want Dark Pit?' snapped Wolf. 'Oh, it seems like the lizard has everything under control here.' he replied. 'I am KING Bowser of the-' 'Shut up.' said Dark PIt. 'Now, what I eed? Well the master heard that you had a plan. 'Yea, so?' said Bowser. 'Well ya now.' said Dark Pit. 'So and so.' said Ice Over. Everyone looked at him. 'What? You guys were saying rhyming words, I wanted to do that too!' he said. 'Quiet now Ice Over, the big boys are talking.' Eggman said. 'Anyways, the master wanted to know if he could be apart of your plan...' Dark Pit continued. 'What's in it for us?' said Bowser. Dark Pit grinned.

'WHOOOOO!' screamed Daisy. 'Yay!' cried Toadette. The Mario crew was celebratating because they were ranked number one in: Favorites of Nintendo. 'Hey Peach, sing a song!' shouted Mario. 'Yea, go on girl!' said Daisy. 'Sure! said Peach giddily. 'What song?' 'Do everytime we touch!' suggested Toad. 'Sure thing!' she said. 'Whew! said Luigi.
'I still feel your touch when you sleep next to -' she was interrupted by a shaking. 'Woa!' she cried. 'Is this an earth quake?' said Luigi. 'Hey, let me go!' cried Daisy. The others turnd around but Daisy wasnt there. 'Daisy?' called out Peach. Then everything went black. that was short. But my friend is probably a better writer than me! She is writing the next chapter! Hope you like!

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