What happened yesterday and why bloodrose14 deleted

Chapter 1

Why couldn't I be online?!?

So this one girl deleted me and wouldn't tell me why. I was really desperate to know. I was wondering if I had been a bich or something...I'm not sure why I was so disparate. I guess before all this I kinda thought the girl was cool and I wanted to be her friend. Obviously, that isn't the case now, because I blocked her.
So I kept pushing it. I kept commenting on her photos. I was all like "Why won't you tell me" and stuff. I still don't completely understand why she wouldn't just tell me. But I shouldn't have pushed it so hard.
I don't remember exactly how BloodRose14 got involved, but she did.
She talked to the girl, and managed to get me an answer. But then she tolled her friend that we were bullying her. Maybe we were. Maybe pushing it so hard was hurting her.
I began to feel really bad and left apology comments on both the girl's and her friend's profiles. I looked later and found they had been deleted-_-
I got a message from the girl titled "I'm Sorry" with a link. Apparently, she cut her self because of me.
I only got to see the picture for a second because my parents walked in and I didn't want them to know what was going on. So I exited out.
But I messaged her and told her she should never do that, especially if the reason is some stupid girl from the internet. I told her it would cause more problems than it would solve...I know because I have done it....
Then I had to leave. I couldn't log on again for another to hours or something. Longest two hours of my life.
The last message I got from BloodRose14 was that the scar in the picture looked like ketchup. Was it?
Maybe it was. Maybe she was trying to make me feel bad.
I kinda think all evidence is leaning towards that. Because most people who cut for real reasons don't announce it to the whole internet. That's not something you'd do! It's scary! And why would you want to do that for anything but attention? What do you expect to get from that?
I don't know what the girl and her friend said to her...all I know is I wasn't there. All it took were those two hours....
Anyway...I'm sorry, BloodRose14. I didn't want this to happen. I hope you come back. ;( I'm so sorry I dragged you into this.


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