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So excited! This is my first group story! Keep reading!

Chapter 1

Fairy Tale Villains

I haven't thought of a title for my story, so just look at the chapter title (Ahem, up there! ^^^^^).

It's going to be like a fairy tale mash-up, but it's from the perspective of the villains! I'm a wee bit fairy tale crazed...

Plot: There is going to be a war between the good guys and the bad guys, because one of each of them has gone missing and each side blames the other.

Characters: I'll accept pretty much any character from any fairy tale. Try to keep it relevent, though. If you're in need of ideas, Disney always has loads of good inspirations!

Some ideas could be: Captain Hook, the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood could be like, a werewolf, or something, the witch from Hanzel and Gretel, the Queen from Snow White, etc...

It doesn't matter if they have powers or not.

Format: (This is my character)

Villain: Maleficent (I'm sorry if any of you wanted to do that one!)

Gender: Female

General Age: late 20's, mid-30's

Known From: Sleeping Beauty

Powers (if any): Fire, can change into dragon, thorns

Appearance: Green skin, black and purple robes, red lips, greenish-yellow eyes, timeless face

Personality: Cruel, collected unless triggered, regal air to her...

Other (side-kicks, special powerful objects, weaknesses, backstory, etc...): doesn't enjoy light, has a special sceptre for power...

I'm sorry if that's a lot, you can post it over multiple comments if you need to, just tell me when you're done!


-I WILL be looking at your quizzes/stories to check out your style of writing, not intending to intimidate you; I'm not too picky.

-Even if you submit an idea, I might not take it. It might be because I have enough people already, or because your idea doesn't quite work as well with the story, but I'll still tell you why. Sorry!

-Pitch in ANY ideas you want to!

-Watch the language in the story.


-If you're in, I'll tell you in the comments and message you anything you need to know!

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