Group Story Sign-Ups!

Alright... let's see if anyone wants to actually DO one...

Chapter 1


by: Clato
OKAY! It is a Hunger Games related thingy! So basically it's another Hunger Games (Let's just call it the 60th) where we focus on other tributes! One will win! Good luck!

Here are the characters:

Girl Tribute 1: Me!
Girl Tribute 2: fireworks356
Girl Tribute 3: Rainbow_Unicorn_With_Pie
Boy Tribute 1: hnardiello
AND INTRODUCING Boy Tribute 2: tammy1360
Adding Boy Tribute 3: Cool2twin

Here is how you fill it out (this is mine):

Name: Tige Milch
Age: 14
District: 3
Weapons: Throwing Knives
Hair: Long, flowing brown hair
Eyes: Light blue
Career: No

Thanks for reading! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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