The Order of Things... (Frank Iero)

Not mine, I just think it's really great and want to share it ^.^ story by Frank Iero, can be found in his website/blog

Chapter 1


by: cassiloca
Once upon a time, in a place long but forgotten, there resided a town surrounded on all sides by a great forest. The town was populated with all different types of people, as towns sometimes are. And the forest was inhabited by all different types of animals, as forests sometimes are. The townspeople and the animals led separate but connected lives, and all lived in harmony. Until one day…
A middle-aged man from the town was out in the woods gathering food for his family and happened upon a large grizzly bear. ‘Hello.’ the man said, and asked the bear if he knew a shortcut back to town, as it was getting cold these days and dark was quickly approaching. The bear, feeling the cold as well and sensing the man’s fatigue, quickly attacked and messily devoured the man.
That night the man’s family stayed up all night waiting for him to come home. Growing more anxious and afraid with every passing hour, they watched the night turn into day. When he did not show up, they went to the other people of the town and together formed a search party. The townspeople scoured the surrounding woods until dawn the next morning. It was then the search party found evidence of the man’s attack and death. Frightened and sad, the people ran back to their homes and hid. The peace between the town and the forest had been shattered.
Meanwhile, news of the murder spread quickly throughout the forest, and the animals called a meeting. The old rabbit addressed the crowd, “There has been peace between our forest and the town for as long as I can remember. But now blood has been shed, and I can only imagine what the people might do to avenge one of their own.”
“The grizzly bear has done a terrible thing. He offended the town and put us all at risk.” Said the wolf. “But don’t be afraid…I know just what to do. Leave it to the wolves to fix everything.”
The animals all agreed to let the wolf pack handle the situation, desperately hoping that he could somehow restore peace and make things right in their world once again.
As night settled on the land, the wolf pack snuck through the woods and into the cave where the grizzly bear was sleeping. Quietly the wolves surrounded him, and before the bear awoke, the wolves attacked and killed him. The pack ate until they were full, and brought what was left of the bear to the edge of the forest for the townspeople to find.
“Let this offering be penance to the people of the town. May the grizzly’s death quell their anger and fear, and his meat fill their bellies.” Said the wolf. The pack decided to hide there in the bushes to make sure the townspeople received their offering.
The next morning the townspeople awoke to find the bloody carcass of the grizzly spread across the entrance of their town. Screams filled the air. “It’s a warning!” yelled one townsperson. “What kind of beast could do this to a grizzly bear? We don’t stand a chance!” screamed another. The leaders of the town decided, in order to keep the people calm and everyone safe, they should all gather together in the church until they could come up with a plan. Overhearing the people’s commotion, the wolf came up with a new plan of his own to bring order to their world.
Under cover of darkness the wolf pack snuck through the forest, into the town, and without a sound they surrounded the church where all of the townspeople had gathered. When the wolves were sure everyone inside was fast asleep, they leapt through the windows of the church and killed everyone inside.
In the following days word of what the wolves had done traveled through the forest. Upon hearing this, the old rabbit went to the wolf’s den to confront him. “I thought you were going to restore peace! You assured us you knew exactly what to do, and yet all you have brought upon us is more murder! Why would you do this?” asked the rabbit.
Calmly, the wolf replied, “…Because, I am a wolf.” And without hesitation he devoured the rabbit.
The end.


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