Jesus Stole My Boyfriend.

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that this isn't meant to be taken as an attack and I don't want to be flooded with harsh comments. This is just me musing upon what we as humans do to make ourselves a little less scared of death. So, what is written below isn't meant to offend, I'm more posing a question to you guys. Maybe you'll leave here with a few of your own questions.

Chapter 1

Just Another Rant c:

Okay, now I consider myself to be a fairly open minded person. I mean, I've dated guys with mental illness, I have friends with messed up lives and most of my family is...well their shit is bananas. BUT, there is one thing I've never been able to completely wrap my head around: religion, specifically Christianity, Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, whatever you want to call it, just anyone who believes in Heaven, Hell, the dude who died for our sins and the big bearded man in the sky.

Now, I've never really had a problem with religion, most of my family is Christian. My uncle is one of my best friends and he does Bible studies. I'm not the kind of person to not like you due to your religion, and this is one hundred percent true. You see, the reason I'm writing this is because something happened that caused all these questions to arise. Yes readers...Jesus stole my boyfriend.

I know. It's not something normally said about a breakup. It's quite a change from the usual, he cheated on me, we grew apart or he knocked up my sister. But yes, I am a little proud, yet mostly embarrassed, to say that my relationship ended for such an original least for people our age.

And this is not the person I'm with now, this happened back in January, it's just now that I've had the time (and the balls) to post such a controversial thing. I mean my rant about attention whores was kind of controversial, but I knew most of you would agree. This on the other hand, is completely different. I mean, I have no idea how many of you are religious. But, YOLO! Or YOLT if you're Jesus. Anyway...

So, my ex broke up with me because of our different views on religion. Well, it wasn't even that. It was because of the things we were doing that went against his whole 'no pre-marital sex' mentality. Now, we did not do the deed, bump uglies, go twenty toes, heels to Jesus. Whatever you want to call it, we didn't do that. We did everything but that (which is kind of pointless, like seriously, mouth or vagina, it's that same thing, one's just more selfish). So apparently, one day he just woke up to himself and the fact he wasn't "leading a Christian life". And this annoyed me.

I mean, when we first started talking, he said he was religious, and my initial reaction was to turn tail and run because I knew I had such different views. But I didn't, because at the end of the day it didn't matter. He was great. Sweet and caring and funny. Someone who was doing something with his life. And I guess the fact that at eighteen he had such a clear idea of what he believed made me like him more, seeing as most guys now can barely commit to a relationship, let alone a ancient religion. So, I, the non-Christian heathen, pushed aside my initial judgement and decided to start dating him. And he, the almighty Christian, judged me because of what I believe in and broke up with me because of it. Yeah, you read right. I thought Christians were supposed to be nonjudgmental (coughGodhatesfagscough)?

And it confused me. Because when I wanted to back out because he was Christian, it wasn't because I thought: 'Fuck, if I want to hit that I'm going to have to put a ring on it.' It was because I was worried he'd get all preachy on me. The whole 'don't swear, you'll go to hell' or 'metal music is paving the way to the fiery pit' all followed by a shitload of 'tsk-tsk-tsks'. I mean, him being chaste never ever crossed my mind! I didn't even think that people still practiced that. At least not out here in Australia. Maybe in America, down south where they're all pretty traditional. But here? Where guys who drive XR6s have a club called the SexR6 Club where they count how many girls they fuck in the back of their damn ute. Can you understand why I was left scratching my head?

Anyway, at the end of everything, that wasn't what made me really think about Christianity and so on. Honestly, religion has been something I've always questioned, since I was a kid. I grew up in two separate households, each with completely different views on life. I'm the kind of person who needs to see something to believe it. It's probably why I have so many people I call my best friends; because I can't rely on someone I've never met, who isn't physically there for me. And I'm sure people who are religious don't understand this either. We both have such varied takes on what faith is, our values and morals and what it takes for someone or something to be your rock. What I believe is very important to me, but I guess we'd be on a completely different level of what that means. I like what I believe because it's flexible and I don't feel restricted. I'm an opinionated person, I argue everything and I'm not afraid to question what other's think. But I also respect you and your beliefs. I may not agree with it, I may not want to lead my life by it, I may not understand it completely, but I respect it.

And I really do. People who have the ability to practice something like that have my respect. I would never be able to. I hate it when physical human beings tell me what to do, let alone the pages of a book written 35,00 years ago. But respecting something isn't the same as understanding it. I still don't understand how he could leave someone who loved him and was willing to do whatever it took to coincide with what he believed, to go and worship something that may or may not exist.

Meh, I don't know. I honestly don't. So if you practice Christianity, etc, please feel free to message me and explain it to me. But be prepared, I will challenge you. I won't roll over, bare my belly and say: "I'm converted, preach it sister!"

~teen rant over, thanks for your patience~


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