Don't You? (A Starkid Love Story)

Hiya! Thanks for checking out my story!
Sorry to everyone for my dreadfully tiny chapters, but I'll try to update often, so they won't seen so short.
Also, I apologize for my completely crazy timeline. Most of the events will be in the right order, just not the right year.

Chapter 1

Only The Beginning

"Joseph Michael Richter! Open this door up right now!" I yelled, pounding on my best friend/neighbors back door for the third time.
"I'm coming, I'm coming! Gosh, don't get your panties all up in a twist!" I heard Joey call as he walked over to let me in.
"What is so important that you had to interrupt HP?" He asked, motioning toward the TV, which I saw was playing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
"I got my letter today! Now we can open them!" I exclaimed as I brushed past him, seating myself at the kitchen table.
"Finally! Give me a sec while I go get mine!" He said, rushing over to the pile of mail next to the microwave.
He grabbed his own and sat down across from me, smiling brightly.
"Ready." I answered, as the excitement bubbled inside of me.
"THREE!" We both shouted together, ripping the envelopes open.

(Backstory: Joey and I had been waiting a very, very long time to get our acceptance/rejection letters from the University of Michigan, where we both lived.
Joey got his a week ago, and just as I was about to give up hope, mine arrived.
Both of us were huge theatre geeks, and acted in all of our high school musicals, so naturally we were majoring in theatre performance.)

I looked down at the paper in my hands, shaking as I read,
Congratulations-you're IN!
You've been admitted into the University of Michigan!
How does it feel to be a WOLVERINE?

I read the letter twice, just to be sure I wasn't dreaming.
"Joey...?" I asked slowly.
"Did you...?"
"Yes. Did you...?"
"YES! Joey! We're gonna be wolverines!" I exclaimed, jumping up from the table to hug him.

6 months later
"Gina!" I heard Joey call up my stairs. "We'd better go if we want to get there by 9:00."
"Coming!" I shouted down, taking one last look around my empty room, knowing I'd be leaving it for a long, long time.
I sighed as I clambered down the stairs to Joey.
"Let us go." He said, picking up my last suitcase from the bottom of the stairs.
I waved goodbye to my family for the umpteenth time, as Joey did to his, and then we were in our way.
I followed him in my car, and we were there in only 2 hours.
We climbed out if the car in front of the main building.
"You okay, Gin?" He asked, noting the anxious look on my face.
Joey was one of the only people who knew of my intense anxiety, and was always there to help me calm down.
I took a deep breath and looked up at him with a smile.
"Never better." I answered, opening the door.
And with that, we opened up a new chapter of our lives.

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