Imagine That~

Collections of the 'Imagine That...' from my Tumblr blog:
Most of these come with gifs, so it probably won't make sense.

Chapter 1

Rin Okumura

Imagine that you’re cooking for Rin. He’s had a hard day with his exorcist training, and Ukobach has taken short ‘break’ from the kitchen. You worked hard on this meal, even though it was something very simple. You had a vague idea that the food was going to taste horrible, but there wasn’t enough time to re-do the menu for Rin’s dinner.

As he walks into the small cafeteria that his dorm had to offer, his eyes drift from you and to the food.”Smells good!” He announces, making you smile. You lead him over to his seat.”I’ll be right back,” you say. Moments later, you arrive with your not-so-edible food. Rin’s broad smile wavers a bit, but it never goes away.

He hesitantly begins to eat.

You smile as you watch him basically inhale your food. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all? You give him a small pat on the back and return to the kitchen to clean up your mess, as you didn’t want an angry Ukobach to go on strike again.

Though, as your turn your back, Rin makes a less-than-pleased face.

“Damn, this food’s horrible!” Rin sighs and glances in the direction that you left. “I’ll have to teach her..”he mumbles, then looks down at his almost-empty bowl. “The things I do for her…”he murmurs before finishing off your ‘food’.

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