Short Quibblo Survey (repost)

Chapter 1


by: leniknik
What's your username and nickname?

Is it your real name?
No, but it's a mashup of my last name.

How long have you been a part of quibblo?
It will be 5 years in August.

Did you keep Quibblo as a friend?

Who is in your profile image?
a jaguar cub

Does your profile tell the truth, age, photo, info?
yes, except the photo. regrettably, I am not a jaguar.

How many...
friends do you have? 69
quizzes/Stories you've made? 21
quizzes/stories you've taken? 690

Who made the last quiz you took?

Who wrote the last story you read?

How long have you known your top friends?
napalmkristi - 7 years or so. the10th - my entire life, literally. He's my older brother. Ithilwen - a couple years I think. Ozchris - only a few months. The rest honestly, I'm not entirely sure.

Which one of them makes the best quizzes?
napalmkristi and Ithilwen

Who has been your friend the longest?

What's the best thing about quibblo?
Taking quizzes at work haha

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