'Happily Ever After' is just the Beginning... An Original Group Story

Once upon a time... That's how it usually goes right? Not this time.

Until now, every villain ever known has been hiding in secret, living in a society separate from the so-called "heroes", who became famous by ridding the world of them and living happily ever after.

But one of the villains has gone missing, as well as one of the heroes. Each side blames the other, and they soon start a war: good versus evil.

Who will conquer in this battle of wit, trickery, and not so happy endings?

Chapter 1

Meet the Villains...


Villain: Maleficent
Gender: Female
General Age: late 20's, mid-30's
Known From: Sleeping Beauty
Powers (if any): Fire, can change into dragon, thorns, hypnosis
Appearance: Green skin, black and purple robes, red lips, greenish-yellow eyes, timeless face,
Personality: Cruel, collected unless triggered, calm, regal air to her...
Other (side-kicks, special powerful objects, weaknesses, backstory, etc...): doesn't tolerate light, has a special scepter for power...



Villain: The Giant
Gender: Male
General Age: mid 30's
Known From: Jack and the Beanstalk
Powers: strength, has magical items
Appearance: Really big, scraggly hair, big nose, green eyes
Personality: emotional, easily angered, greedy
Other: hates humans, doesn't like people stealing from him,


Katniss___Everdeen :

Villain: Miss Hannigan
Gender: Female
General Age: 40's
Known From: Annie
Powers: Nope!
Appearance: Well, she's always drunk, so she always looks... well... drunk, brown hair, some makeup
Personality: Cruel, abusive to orphans
Other: Brother: Rooster Hannigan and his girlfriend Lily St. Regis work together to kidnap Annie



Villain: Queen of Hearts
Gender: Female
General Age: 23
Known From: Alice In Wonderland
Powers: None
Appearance: http://www.theanimegallery.com/data/thumbs/790px/0147/tAG_147862.jpg
Personality: Cold-hearted, mean, quiet, and a flirt
Other Is the queen of Underland, doesn't like the White Queen or Alice, and has chess pieces as her servants and guards



Villain: Gaston
Gender: Male
General Age: 20's
Known From: Beauty and the Beast
Powers: Hes a good huter, good at convincing people (like when he convinced the town Belle's dad was crazy) and I guess realy good with most ladies
Appearance: Long black hair (tied back), very muscely, tall,
Personality: Arrogent, egolistic, self-centered, cares about looks
Other: Has major jealousy issues, side-kick is Lefou



Villain: Evil Queen
Gender: Female
General Age: 30's
Known From: Snow White
Powers: is a witch
Appearance: pale skin, sneering lips, heavily hooded steely green eyes, tall, imposing
Personality: has to be "the fairest one of all", has to be in control, selfish, evil
Other: hates Snow White and anyone else who is prettier than her.



Villain: Reuben
Gender: Male
General Age: mid 30's mid 40's
Known From: Quest for Camelot
Powers: Knows magic has a potion that can turn people and animals into living weapons
Appearance: Red hair, big, really strong
Personality: Thinks he should rule everyone. Kinda crazy.
Other: Has a Griffin. Bunch of henchmen turned into living weapons. Not very smart. Tried to kill King Arthur. Now after Kayley and Garrett.



Villain: Captain Hook
Gender: Male
General Age: mid to late 30's
Known From: Peter Pan
Powers: None really
Appearance: http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/13600000/Jason-Isaacs-as-Captain-Hook-jason-isaacs-13XXX-XXX-XXXX-911.jpg
Personality: angry, misunderstood, sad, stupidish
Other: Smee is his side-kick, he only has one hand, really hates Peter and the Lost boys



Villain: The big bad wolf
Gender: Male
General age: 20's
Known from: Red Riding Hood
Well, he's a wolf so walking on hind legs and talking
Appearance: Jet Black Fur, Electric blue eyes
Personality: He is between cruel and normal, but more cruel than normal.
Other: He hates huntsmen after the incident, he made it out alive, though the story tells otherwise.

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