'Happily Ever After' is just the Beginning... An Original Group Story

Once upon a time... That's how it usually goes right? Not this time.

Until now, every villain ever known has been hiding in secret, living in a society separate from the so-called "heroes", who became famous by ridding the world of them and living happily ever after.

But one of the villains has gone missing, as well as one of the heroes. Each side blames the other, and they soon start a war: good versus evil.

Who will conquer in this battle of wit, trickery, and not so happy endings?

Chapter 2

Maleficent: Council of Villains

So you think we died, don't you?

Everyone does. Except stories don't die. How do you think our legacy lives on, if we vanished, and everyone else in the fairy tales you hear about passes away eventually?

Every single villain you have ever heard about in a book, or a movie, or a bedtime story, every last one, still exists. Here to die and come back as often as we are killed. Just not immediately.

No one could possibly know this better than I.

For I am Maleficent, Fairy of Witchcraft, Fire, and Magic.


As I enter the meeting place in our castle, it is mostly quiet. Few try to make conversation, but everyone else sits in an uncomfortable silence, awaiting the bad news, or at least the worst of it, as they mostly know what it is about.

It is nearly pitch black, so I snap my fingers and all of the lamps lining the stone walls light up with a green fire. The water dripping off of the dank walls reflects that light, and everyone halts their conversations.

Plink. Plink. Plink.

"Please," I announce. "Do not let me interrupt your socializing. For it has been quite a while since we were all gathered in this very room. As of right now, we are only waiting for one. Carry on."

I feel the tension in the room lessen as the chatter resumes, and some more talk just for the sake of it. With slight amusement I take in my fellow colleagues. Captain Hook absentmindedly plucks at the hook where his hand once was. Mother Gothel pulls at her hair, then sits bolt upright in her chair, only to feel her face and relax again.

As they continue to pass the time, there is a great rumbling under our feet. The entire room shakes, and the lanterns vibrate as though they might fall on the stone floor and shatter.

It ripples around us like a heart beat.

Boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom.

Just when it is so unbearable that we almost dive for cover, it stops.

The Giant pokes his head in the archway on the far wall.

"Perfect," I declare. "Everyone is here. Let the Council commence."


I sit at the head of the table, as it is my turn to lead this meeting. We rotate every time, but many have yet to be in charge, as we have not met in so long.

I fold my black robes onto my lap and clear my throat.

"Attention, everyone. It is my pleasure to see you all together again. Almost all of you. I will not delay, as this is urgent. Ursula, Master of the Oceans, Witch of All the Seas, has gone missing."

At that moment, the table errupts in noise. Miss Hannigan starts slamming her fists on the table. Gaston starts himself into an angry rant. Everyone yaps on and on.

Frustration explodes inside me. "Silence!" I shriek, slamming my scepter onto the ground.

Everyone freezes.

Much better.

"Now. If we are going to proceed, you must learn to hold your tongues and conduct yourself in a manner that does not quite so resemble ignorant, babbling, idiots. As I was saying before being interrupted in such a child-like way, the disappearence of our colleague was not merely coincidental. It is by the doing of our enemies, on the other side."

Now they all knew better than to flinch.

"They are responsible. You are all quite familiar with how the story goes: and they all live happily. Ever. After," I sneer. "In order to get Ursula back, we will reek havoc and terror on them, and leave them to never know joy again. We might have been beaten before, but this time, we'll have strength in numbers and the element of surprise. We are to meet here tomorrow, at the same time. Understood?"

I feel very confident we will succeed with the most glorious satisfaction. After all, besides numbers and surprises, we have magic, power, and a giant on our side.

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