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Chapter 1

Crazy Billy & Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Crazy Billy ActressLeopard
2. Left Alone Salocin
3. Olivia Raymond Nicknames_Suck_
4. Who expected this? ~ Lyra Marks They_Killed_Evan
5. How? EricaBraveRuler
6. Sandwiches and Lampposts ActressLeopard
7. Endless Wanderings Salocin
8. Footsteps SoftBrownWolf
9. Not Normal They_Killed_Evan
10. Fun, Fun EricaBraveRuler
11. Nothing /ActressLeopard

Crazy Billy
by ActressLeopard

It really happened. No one believed him, but for once, Crazy Billy's Weather Channel had succeeded. I remember thinking this as I watched my parents frantically throw together their suitcases with their money, credit cards, underwear, phones and computers, and food before grabbing the car keys and my little sister, Julie, who at the age of seven was even more bewildered than the rest of us. The trio leaped in the car and drove off with a screech, my once-careful parents leaving their seatbelts flying. Meanwhile, my thirteen-year-old brother Larry had been thrown on the sofa, trapped by the coffee table, and was squealing for my help. I never thought I'd hear it. I also never thought I'd be watching a natural disaster of such a massive force, destroying the home, the town, I had lived in my entire life. As roof beams tumbled down around me, all I could think of was that Crazy Billy had been correct in his irrational prediction of an unbelievably enormous earthquake. I giggled a little.

Suddenly, I was snapped out of my moment by Larry's scream as a window smashed, and broken glass rained down around him. If not for the coffee table, the jagged spears would have sliced him quite a bit. I hurried to my brother's side, and yanked the heavy wooden table away. He shakily got to his feet, grabbed my hand, and we got the heck out of there as large cracks spread up the walls and they began to collapse. We had no time to snatch the essentials our parents had before my home was no longer. I suddenly realized that my parents had abandoned me, left without a thought. I was shocked that the two people who had cared for me my entire life were gone. By their own choice. And they took my sister. I was mad.

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