Cassie is a fourteen year old in a serious issue. when a boy dies and she gets blamed.

Rena try's to prove that Cassie did nothing and that it was the popular girl Cheyenne.

Cheyenne has secrets to hide.

Chapter 1


No no no no I didn't do it I didn't kill him this is not happening. I am on trial for killing James Lee. Which I did not do, but no one believes me everyone believes Cheyenne. Cheyenne is not a bully she is a murderer she killed James not me but she is the mayors perfect little daughter. So of course Cheyenne blames me because she hates me. I don't know what I did to deserve her hatred. another thing James was HER boyfriend yet SHE killed him. "Cassie!" a pained cry calls out I figure out it is Rena my young sister I turn and see her crying and fighting to get to me but no one lets her through. I turn and look out at the dark icey water. I am chained to a rock that will drag me to the bottom and wont let me up. finally it was time I looked out into the deep, dark, icy ocean and jumped.

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