Nightmares- An Alec Volturi Love Story.

Hello! Thanks For Clicking On This Story, I Hope You Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoy Writing It. Here Is The Information About The Main Character..

Name: Violet Dawson.
Age: 12
Personality: Sweet, Kind, generous, Shy, Smart.
Appearance: Long Black Hair, Crystal Blue Eyes, Skinny, Full Lips, Pale.

Chapter 1

The Clock Tower.

I Followed The Tour Guide, Admiring The Ancient Cracked Walls Of The Clock Tower. I Had Been Chosen To Visit The Clock Tower And See The Most Exsclusive Rooms- For Free! She Opens The Doors To A Big Hallway, And We All Walk In. We Jump When We Hear The Door Lock Behind Us. We Noticed 3 Men Sat On Chairs, Along With Two Men And A Young Girl Standing. The Man In The Middle Chair Leaped Up And Dived At The Closest Woman, Biting Into Her Neck. Screams Rised In The Room, And I Managed To Hide In One Of The Corners While The Other People Leapt Up And Began Biting People, Too. After A While, I Was The Only Person Left Alive In The Room Apart From The People Who Had been Biting The Others. One Of The Men Stepped Towards Me, His Red Eyes Gleaming.
"Aro." Said One, His Voice Silky And Velvety. His Red Eyes Locked On Mine.
"Yes, Alec." Replied The One Who Had Been Walking Towards Me.
"I'll Deal With Her" He Said, Almost Growling.
I Think His name Was Aro, Well, He Nodded Once. The One Who Has Said He'd Deal With Me Was At My Side Within A Second, His Hand Grabbing My Arm. I Winced- His Arm Was Freezing Cold And Felt Like Stone. He Pulled Me To My Feet, And A Tear Slipped Down My Cheek As He Pulled Me Out Of The Room. He Hauled Me Up Several Stair Cases Until He Pushed Me Down To The Floor In A Bedroom, I Assumed It Was His. I Whimper Softly, Tears Slipping Down My Cheeks. I Shuffle Backwards Until I Hit The Wall, His Red Eyes Soften, And He Is Suddenly At My Side. I Feel His Soft Breath On My Neck, And I Try To Pull Away But He Holds Me Still. Suddenly, His Soft Red Lips Were On Mine. I Try To Pull Away, But He Holds Me Still. Another Tear Slips Down My Cheek, But He Stops As The Tear Wets Him. I Flinch Away As Soon As He Lets Me Go, And Try To Move Away, But He Holds Me Still. He Brushes The Hair Out Of My Teary Eyes, And I Shrink Away From His Touch. He Looks At Me, And Suddenly I Feel A Sharp Pain In My Neck. I Let Out A Pained Scream As I Realise He Was Drinking My Blood.

AUTHORS NOTE: Anybody Want Me To Continue? Please Please Comment If you Do! It's Good To Know How Many People DO Want Me To Continue.

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