Falling Forward

This is for Starfree's first story contest, so here goes nothing!

If you want to join (which you totally should), here is the link:


Chapter 1


Desdemona Jones and her brother August have never lived a particularly interesting life. After the death of their parents, they had to move in with their aunt in her mansion in the country side with absolutely nothing to do, and attend private school there together.

Until one day, three of their classmates are kidnapped. No one saw it coming. Especially not Dez and August. But they soon realize that they, as well as their friends, are involved in this case more than any of them could have possibly predicted.

Nevertheless, Dez and August are soon in way over their heads in a case involving secrets about their family tree explaining their parents' deaths, a soon-to-be robbery that needs to be stopped, and criminals that are willing to sabotage, steal, murder, and do whatever it takes to succeed.

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