Group Story: CLOSED!

Chapter 1

Ready for it?

So the idea I had for this group story is kind of like a teen-high school-superpower-type-thing.

So there are five characters including mine, so I'll accept the four others that best work.

None of the characters start off knowing each other. For some reason or another, they make it to this somewhat-sketchy yard sale (not at the same time, because the same yard sale appears in different locations). They each pick up a common ordinary item (an accessory of somesort) and are on their way.

Eventually, they realize that their accessories have superpowers and somehow see each other in the same place (we'll work that out later). They band together and learn to control their newfound powers in order to stop a-

Gasp! I've said too much. I'll tell you the details later.

Here's the thing: the powers can't be completely useless, but they need to seem a bit lame/geeky, nothing like flying, or levitating, elemental contol, etc.

Some ideas:

- sneakers that let you bounce/jump really high, or stretch your legs reeeeeally long
- glasses that let you see through walls or have laser vision
- a necklace that turns you invisible or lets you turn your head 360 degrees
- gloves that let you punch through walls or makes your hands magnetic
- a hat that lets you change your hair, eye color, facial features
- You get the picture. Again, those are just ideas. I trust the creative-ness of my fellow Quibblonians.

By the way, I kind of want the characters to fit typical high school stereotypes: jock, cheerleader, skater, artsy, etc...


My character-

Name: Evangeline Wright (Evie, Evan, Angie)
Age: 15
Stereotype: Nerd, geek, brainiac
Accessory: headband
Power: lets you grow your hair at will, nearly impossible to cut, can manipulate hair
Appearance: tall, thin, slouches, brown curly hair, olive green eyes, wears black rectangular glasses
Personality: studious, talks really fast, enthusiastic, nerdy, socially awkward at times...

Exhales. Whoo. Your turn!

Sorry about the wealth of rules and info I just dumped on you. I can be picky like that.

Again, this is NOT first-come, first-serve, and I could use both guy and girl character.

So, please submit!

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