Group Story: CLOSED!

Chapter 3

Congrats to you guys!

Me: Congratulations!!!!!! Throws confetti and blows noisemaker as streamers shoot down from the ceiling.

You: Yaaaay! Thanks. Wait- what did we do again?

Me: You made me almost lose my precious mind trying to choose your entries over each other!

I mean seriously: all of your ideas were so darn awesome that I was going to rip out my hair.

But nevertheless, I must come to a decision. I felt so torn that I needed to squeeze in one more writer to make everything work. All of you guys gave me amazing entries, but don't ever do that to me agian! Glares sternly.

So, those of you that will be participating in my story are:


All of you will be notified with further details.

Thank you for signing up and to those of you who applied. So sorry! Maybe next time!

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