In Her Loving Memory

You never know just what you have until you are forced to watch it be taken away from you.

Chapter 1

I'm Yours For Eternity

What is this thing I feel?
It can't be real
This can't be right

This feeling, you can't fake it
There's no way to recreate it
It's been on my mind all night

This pain feels so good
I never thought I could
Feel something like this

You walked into my world
Around your finger, my heart curled
How can this be?

It's a miracle, it's a dream
its not what it seems
There's just no way

As they fall, I wipe my tears
All of my worries and fears
You take them away

I just don't understand
How I can still stand
When my knees are so weak

I never stopped loving you
I can swear on blood it's true
For my heart was buried with you that day

You are all I'd ever need
Only for you my heart will bleed
You were my everything

Just you simple memory
Laying on my chest, the way it should be
Is enough to give me this feeling

Love can live strong, love can save
Our Love conquered the grave
We were meant to be

I just can't get over you
I swear girl it's true
I'm still in love with you


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