When you Smile - A Harry Styles Love Story

When you Smile - A Harry Styles Love Story

What do I feel when you smile?
When you smile, it brightens up my world whenever, and I know it will forever.
I will always be your best friend, and will be there by your side till the very end.
Whenever. Your my life, my destiny. It helps me when you smile.

Chapter 1

When you send a Mail

by: CaughtUp
(I need help with names, I'm using too much of mine xD So if you have any good name suggestions, please comment below! :) I think I need a unique one.. Or if you think it's fine, I'll use my name. A different last name, of course! I am too unworthy to write about me and Harry Styles xD)


Gloominess filled my mind following the pale white airplanes soaring through imagines of myself again with my best friend, Harry Styles. After the World Tour, Harry promised me to meet together back at my place with a couple of friends.

My fingers braced themselves onto the piece of mail Harry sent me. On paper, the color of black words were written on the lines. Dear Allison, I'm sorry. I don't think I can meet with you and your friends today. The World Tour is getting longer, and I think there is no free time. I'll mail you again, when I have the chance. Love, Harry.

I crumbled the paper with a single fist and started to look at the ceiling. Expecting to see the light bulb, I started to see a familiar face and see my best friend, Kelli staring down at me. "What's wrong? Harry sent you a mail, he remembered!", Kelli gasped and started to unfold the crumbled edges of the paper.

Falling into my own trance, I spoke out the painful words. "He forgot. He promised. He lied.", I answered. Kelli's expression had confusement written all over it. She released the paper and looked at my with her expression changing, from confusement towards suprisement.

Her eyebrows aimed up, as she let them rise while her lips got curved into an O shape. "Oh.", I heard her soft whisper. Before I get to continue- My name is Allison May Steph. I've been Harry Styles's best friend ever since kindergarten. I cheered him on when he went out for X Factor. Now look at him now. How famous is he? Getting so much love and hate?

Kelli trembled, focusing on my movements as she sat down on the chair. The rickety chair unleashed my agony as it slept me away from balancing. Should I be mad or just be normal? Even though promises were promises, I couldn't take it.

I decided to let it go and release my anger and come back with peace. "Look, I won't get his mails anymore. He promised. He broke the promise.", I said, covering my hands with defeat.

Kelli batted her eyebrows slowly as she faced the ground. "I know how you feel, Alli. Just calm down, though. He'll come back and you will too, eventually. Everything will turn out fine."

I tried to listen to those words. Should I?
Give Harry another chance and just break the promise myself?
Did he care about his all-time best friend or his world tour? His world tour. This is no reason to be 'jealous' I reminded myself.

I let out a sigh.


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry, choppy chapter. I just couldn't figure out how to continue 'Bring it on, Fate' so I decided to start it over like this! The plot has changed a bit, yes....

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