Losing LOSA- An Original Group Story.

When Kella Latton discovers the truth about LOSA, the organization that kidnapped her when she was three, she doesn't know who to trust.
Not her teachers.
Not her doctors.
Not the man she thought was her father until she found the files.
All she knows is she's not alone anymore. Others like her do exist and LOSA plans to recruit them.

Not if she can find them first.

Chapter 1

No flash, just files. -Kella Latton-


The weight started to rumble, jumping up and down ever so slightly, like the last movements of a spinning coin, but in reverse. Slowly, it rose into the air hovering three feet above the desk.
"I did it Daddy! I did it!" I clapped my hands and ran to my father, the weight dropping back to the table with a bang.
"That's my girl!" He patted me on the head and turned towards a computer monitor displaying waves and codes. "Charles, did we get a good reading on the-"
"Are you proud of me Daddy?" I tugged on his pant leg wanting his full attention.
He turned to me annoyed that I had interrupted. But his face softened as he looked me in the eyes. "Yes Kella. Of course I'm proud. You're my special little daughter, and someday we'll do great things with your powers. We'll help people Kella. Do you want to help people?"
"Yes Daddy."
"Good. Now go see if you can do it again. Try to lift it higher."

They say when you're about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. Each and every memory, displayed in vivid detail. I didn't die today. But every part of the me I thought I was did.
And I didn't have a play by play of my entire existence consume my senses in a grand finale that miraculously only took seconds.
Instead, I got on paper. And I had been gaping at it for far too long.
I stared at the pages before me. The truth.

May 8th 1998- Subject KE11a shows large improvement in telekinetic control. Consistent incline suggests Subject is ready for routine training.
May 9th 1998- Subject KE11a assigned weekly sessions permitted by -Dr. K Elliot, Michael Latten-. Subject shows consistent results.
May 16th 1998- Subject KE11a shows dramatic decline in telekinetic control.
Inconsistent results.
May 23rd 1998- Subject KE11a caused fatal incident with coach. Dramatic -d-e-c-l-i-n-e- increase in telekinetic control.
Weekly sessions put on hold requested by-Dr. K Elliot-
Request Declined-Michael Latton-
Weekly sessions put on hold advised by-Dr. J Scott-
Request Declined-Michael Latton-
May 24th 1998- Subject KE11a shows consistent results.
Daily sessions issued. Permitted-Michael Latton-

I furiously flipped through the papers, hundreds of notes. Every milestone in the development of my powers since I was three years old. Three. Nothing before that. Why? Because that's how long they've had me.
The very first page I read had been the one that hurt the most.
The one that made me think this file I'd discovered had to be fake.
I flipped back to it, hoping somehow I might've read it wrong the first 50 times. But it was the same.

December 17th 1997- Subject KE11a successfully recruited. Biological parents' status -Deceased-.
Michael Latton assigned the role of legal guardian.
December 18th 1997- Subject KE11a shows no signs of her abilities.
December 21st 1997- Subject KE11a shows improvement, multiple signs of telepathy.
December 25th 1997- Subject KE11a, telepathy confirmed. Test results suggest this can be blocked.
December 26th 1997- Subject KE11a tests confirm telepathy can be blocked.
January 2nd 1998- Neurological implants successfully block telepathy. Made mandatory to all LOSA faculty.
January 5th- Subject KE11a shows signs of telekinesis.

I had enough. I threw the pages sideways, they landed fanned and scattered next to the cabinet.
More files were stacked inside.
When I calmed down enough to reach into the drawer, I pulled another file out.

Possible super speed. Further investigation process set to start November 2013.

November, the month of my 16th birthday. They were going to take another child. After 16. . . or 13 years they'd start again.
But not just with one.

Self healing abilities. Further investigation process set to start November 2013.
Enhanced senses. Further investigation process set to start November 2013.

The list went on. 11 names in all. 11 innocent children would be kidnapped and studied. The thought made me sick. It was hard to believe that's what I was.
I turned the page, A picture of three girls at the mall was clipped to the top. A large red circle surrounded the middle girls face.
I tore the picture off a read the paper behind it.

Age: 13
Possible abilities: Flight.
Recruition planned for November of 2013.
Current location: Unknown.

13? So they weren't stealing children.
But there were others like me.
And I needed to find them first.
I needed to get out of here.

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