Losing LOSA- An Original Group Story.

When Kella Latton discovers the truth about LOSA, the organization that kidnapped her when she was three, she doesn't know who to trust.
Not her teachers.
Not her doctors.
Not the man she thought was her father until she found the files.
All she knows is she's not alone anymore. Others like her do exist and LOSA plans to recruit them.

Not if she can find them first.

Chapter 2

Six Months Later -Kella Latton-

"There goes my hero! Watch him as he goes. There goes my hero-"
I turned the radio off as I pulled into the parking lot of Danny's Drive In. I rolled down my window and took off my seat belt, adjusting myself into a more comfortable position.

"Hey! Welcome to Danny's, what can I get for you sweetie?" The waitress smiled and leaned against the font of my car, pen and paper positioned ready to take my order.
"Just a large fry please." Growing up at LOSA my meals were always strictly regulated. I still hadn't grown used to fast food, but I need to order something to avoid looking suspicious.
"That's all? You poor thing, need some meat on those bones."
I smiled trying to act like I was amused. "That's all thank you."
She shook her head and hustled off.

I started to scan my surroundings, looking for Katrina.
It wasn't hard to find where she would be. Someone named Sara had complained on her Facebook timeline about how she was going to miss her party for some "gross and lame job".
Aside from being listed in the files, Katrina wasn't very good at hiding what she could do either. She has perfect grades in school, and I mean perfect. She didn't miss a single question on a single thing until her sophomore year. And I'm guessing that's only because she finally realized she was drawing too much attention to herself.
When she was 11, she and her brother were in a car crash. The kind of car crash that nobody survives. Her brother didn't make it, but Katrina had made a full recovery only two weeks later, they said it was a miracle. I knew better.
Sometimes I wonder if these people will even be able to learn to hide.
If I can find them so easily, LOSA wont have any trouble.

Finally I spotted her, she was sitting at a picnic table behind the building eating a burger. Perfect, she was on break.

I climbed out of my car, slamming the door behind me and started walking towards her. I had thought long and hard about what I would say to these people to make them come with me.
I knew it wouldn't be easy to convince a stranger to leave their life behind so suddenly. But each time I tried to script it out, I came up empty handed. Leaving me to wing it now.

"Excuse me,"
"I'm on break." She snapped without even looking up from her food.
"Oh I'm sorry, but um, do you guys have a restroom?"
She turned towards me, obviously annoyed. "On the left side of the building." she pointed around the corner.
"Thanks." I stood there not knowing what to do. I couldn't actually go, her break might be over by the time I would be done. I had to talk to her now. I walked to the other side of the table and sat down.
"Is there something else I can help you with?" She raised her eyebrows.
"Katrina. I need you to listen to me."
She shot me a 'who the helI are you' look and set down her burger.
"Katrina, my name is Kella. I need you to. . . come with me.
"Who the helI are you?" I guess she didn't think the look was enough. She started to stand up, prepared to hurry away and warn someone of her stalker.
"I'm Kella, Please Katrina just listen to me. Please."
She glanced backwards at the restaurant and hesitantly lowered herself back onto the bench, rolling her eyes.
"Okay fine. Talk. But hurry."
"I um. . . I. . . would you believe me if I said you were in danger?"
"At the moment? Yes. You're pretty creepy. And you seem psychotic enough to flat out tell me you're dangerous. However, you don't really look scary. You're incredibly skinny and weak looking. . ."
"Not from me."
"Well than from who." She obviously wasn't buying anything I said.
"People who want your powers."
Her face paled, and her eyes widened. She was preparing herself to run again and I didn't doubt that she actually would this time. She did believe me though. And I barely had to read her mind to know that.
"I don't know what you're talking about. . ."
"Perfect memory? Quick healing?. . ."
"Who are you!? How do you know?!"
"I told you. I'm Kella. And I'm here to help you Katrina."
"You're a child! Not much you could do to hurt me anyway. Get away from me. Leave me alone." She got up and started to run towards the back door of the kitchen.
"I'm only a year younger than you!" I called out after her.
I lifted my hand and sighed. After all my training, I barely had to focus to lift her off the ground.
Though she only floated an inch or two, she couldn't go anywhere. I pulled her back five feet. She snapped around to face me, pure terror in her eyes.
And then she disappeared.
Into thin air she was gone.
I couldn't find her brain frequency either, And I felt no strain on my body from using my telekinesis. I wasn't holding her anymore.
That one I wasn't prepared for.
"Katrina. If you can hear me, I know this is weird. And scary. I'm scared too."
"The truth is I'm terrified. These people who are after you, they're evil. They're called LOSA. I escaped so I could find you and the others. Before you ended up prisoners too."
Suddenly Katrina appeared beside me.
"There are others. . .?"
"I know of 10 more."
A tear slipped down Katrina's face. I could see, and hear, her processing everything I had told her.

"Katrina? What's going on here?. . ." The waitress who had taken my order was standing at the side of the building, she looked terrified. She was thinking of darting into the building and calling the cops.
"What did you see?" I called out to her.
She looked at me and backed up a step. "Who. . . how?"
She was replaying me pulling Katrina backward in her head, and Katrina vanishing then reappearing.

"Katrina, go get in my car. It's the blue van."
"What about Vanessa!?"
"I'll take care of it."

I walked up to the woman, Vanessa, who was now shaking.
"Don't run."
She stayed where she was.
"You wont remember what you saw."
"I won't remember." Her robotic like voice echoed back.
"The girl in the blue van was gone when you brought her your food."
"She was gone."
"Now go inside."
Vanessa nodded her head and walked towards the building.

When I got back to the car, Katrina was sitting in the passenger seat staring out the window like she was daydreaming. She was thinking about her parents. 'Would they think I was kidnapped? In a way I was. . .'
"I did not kidnap you."
She turned to look at me. "You can read my mind then?"
I started the car. "You're almost 18. The police can't do much."
"But they'll be worried! Can't we just stop by my house really quick. . ."
"No Katrina. We have to leave now."
"Wait. Wait. . . I don't want to! I'm not going. . ." She started to unbuckle her seat belt.
"Katrina." I had to do this.
She looked at me. "Please just let me go!"
"Katrina. Go to sleep"

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