Losing LOSA- An Original Group Story.

When Kella Latton discovers the truth about LOSA, the organization that kidnapped her when she was three, she doesn't know who to trust.
Not her teachers.
Not her doctors.
Not the man she thought was her father until she found the files.
All she knows is she's not alone anymore. Others like her do exist and LOSA plans to recruit them.

Not if she can find them first.

Chapter 3

What the Hell? ~ Katrina Anderson

"Katrina...wake-up" a vaguely familiar voice pulled at me. I groaned, "Come on, wake up," My eyes flew open. I was in a rather shabby looking room, and that girl...Kella sat on the end of the bed. Suddenly the memories of everything that had happened came back.

"What the hell is going on?" I snapped looking at Kella. She looked frightened, and she should be too. I. Was. Pissed. "And who the hell do you think you are!? Coming to my work and "kidnapping" me?"

"I didn't...I didn't kidnap you." She whispered.

"Oh, like hell you didn't." I spat, I felt, something weird. Like there was something in my head besides my own thoughts. "Stay out of my mind, Kella." I warned.

"I-you could tell?"

"Yes. I could tell. I can't stop it but I can tell." I pushed my hair out of my face, taking a deep breath I looked around. "Where are we?"

"Some motel in Arizona..."

"Arizona?" I did my best to keep my temper under control. Kella nodded, "Okay...explain to me again why you took me."

Kella took a deep breath and started explaining. Something about her escaping LOSA, her having powers, how these people were looking for others like her so that they could use their powers and other such stuff. She looked up at me, "They know about the car crash."

I shrugged, "everyone knows about the car crash."

She shook her head, "you know what I'm talking about, you shouldn't be alive right now."

I sighed, why did it always have to come back to that damned crash? "You're right, I shouldn't be alive..I don't want to be alive. Do you have any idea what it's like to see that one moment of utter terror flash through your mind every moment of every day?"

Kella shook her head, "Lucky you then." I muttered darkly.

"I watched my brother die ...I tried to save him, I did. I tried to heal him. I poured everything that I had into him...and he...he just slipped away any ways. I wasn't strong enough." I felt tears begin to form in my eyes, "He was 8 damn it. 8. He didn't deserve to die and then 2 weeks later I'm fine. Perfect even, nothing wrong with me..not a scratch."

Kella's eyes were wide. What was she barely 16? She'd been kept in a lab and experimented on. Then suddenly she was out on her own looking for others like her. You had to admire her..she had spunk. But she looked awful, her eyes were shadowed and her hair was dirty.

"Kella? Why don't you take a hot shower, you look like you could use it." She shook her head violently, I rolled my eyes. "I'm not going to run away. I'll help you. But we're going to have some rules. Firstly, you do not go in my head. My memories and feelings are mine and mine alone. Second, you don't use your persuasion on me unless absolutely necassary. Last but not least, we work on our approach...you scared the hell out of me. If we want these others to "join" us...we've got to make sure we don't scare them silly first. Okay?"

Kella nodded, relief coming into her eyes. "Thanks, Katrina."

"Don't thank me yet. Now go shower and get cleaned up..then we'll work on a plan. Oh, and call me Kat."

I fell back onto the pillows as she left and turned on the shower. I rubbed my hands over my face. "So who's the next unlucky victim or...victims?" I asked sitting up on the bed and running my fingers through my hair.

"Joe Parker and Rose Mellin." Kella called through the wood of the door.

"And what are their crimes?"

"Super senses and flight."

I raised my eyebrows, "Interesting. So how do you know about us?"

Kella came out of the bathroom in clean clothes, looking much better. "LOSA has a list of your names and what your powers are rumored to be."


"Yeah, what your basic powers are supposed to be, you had 'self healing abilities' listed beneath your name. It didn't mention that you could turn invisible or that you could remember everything."

"I see. Now how much money do we have?"

"What do you mean?"

"Obviously we've got to have cash to pay for gas...and food. I mean...I wasn't planning on starving."

Kella smiled, "I've got about $600 cash."

"Good. I've got," I pulled my wallet from my pants pocket. "$90...wow...that's a rather lame amount." I shoved it back in my pocket. "Well...let's go find Joe and Rose." I muttered jumping up from the bed.

Kella nodded and tossed something at me. "I um...grabbed it from the picnic table before we left."

My back-pack, "thanks,"


"Lakeview Middle and High School" I read the sign. "You really think this is where they're at?"

"Only one way to find out." Kella muttered, parking the car. "Okay we're going to need a cover."

"Oh, we're not going to kidnap these two?"

"I DID NOT KIDNAP YOU!" Kella groaned in frustration.

I laughed, "Calm down, I'm teasing you."

Kella rolled her eyes, "Why don't we enroll...you know...just for a few days till we find them."

"You...you want to enroll...here?"

"Sure, we can say we're sisters and that our dad is in the navy so we move around a lot."

I raised my eyebrows. "Alright, sissy. Let's go enroll in hell on earth."

We got out of the van and ran up to the building it was big obviously if the middle schoolers and high schoolers were in the same building. We made our way to the office.

"Hi, can I help you?" An older woman asked looking up.

"Um, yes. I'm Katrina Anderson and this is my sister Kella...we need to enroll...our dad is in the navy so he couldn't be here." I jumped to answer before Kella could.

Kella elbowed me hard in the ribs. "Umm...well yes, there is paper work."

"I'll take it to him tonight when we go home. But if there's anything I can fill out now..."

"Yes, of course." The woman muttered handing me a stack of paper work.

I sat down and pulled Kella with me. "Do you know how old Rose and Joe are?" I whispered.

"I know Rose is 13...so she's in middle school." Kella murmured.

"I'm going to say you're in 8th grade...okay?" I held up my hands in surrender as Kella shot me a death glare. "Only so we can cover more ground. I mean come on...no one's going to believe that I'm an 8th grader."

"Fair enough." Kella sighed.

"Come on." I stood and walked back to the desk. "Here's that paper work." I handed the large stack back to the woman.

"A Junior and an 8th grader." The woman said looking over the paper work. The door banged open and a boy walked in, "Oh hello, Joe," the woman smiled. Kella and I looked at each other "Joe?"

"Mr. Parker...I just might have a job for you to do..these two girls are new, Katrina and Kella...would you mind showing Kella to the 8th grade hall and Katrina to the Junior's building?"

"Sure thing." Joe grinned.

"It's him," Kella whispered.

"Let's wait till we're by ourselves."

We walked down the hallway waiting for the people to thin out. "Joe, hold on a second." Kella murmured grabbing his arm and stopping him.

"What? We really need to get to class."

Kella took a deep breath. "Joe...we know about your power...we're here to help."

(here: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=76888998)

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