Losing LOSA- An Original Group Story.

When Kella Latton discovers the truth about LOSA, the organization that kidnapped her when she was three, she doesn't know who to trust.
Not her teachers.
Not her doctors.
Not the man she thought was her father until she found the files.
All she knows is she's not alone anymore. Others like her do exist and LOSA plans to recruit them.

Not if she can find them first.

Chapter 8

The More the Merrier ~ Katrina Anderson

"Rose, I can't believe you'd actually GO with these people!" Macy scolded from the back of the vehicle. I rolled my eyes, Kella shot me warning glance from her seat.

I took a deep breath, "Look Kella I still don't know where I'm going" It was Macy's turn to roll her eyes.

"How typical," she muttered, "Two teenage girls who have "superpowers", come up with some ludicrous story, stalk other people who supposedly have powers. KIDNAP them and then they don't know where to go from there. Why am I not surprised?" She glanced down at her finger nails.

My hands tightened on the steering wheel, "You know what you littl-"


"WHAT?" I snapped turning to look at Kella.

"Just drive.."

"FINE." I leaned back in my seat, I pulled my MP3 player from my pocket and put one ear bud in and blasted it.

"OW!" Joe cried rubbing his ear. I glanced at him through the mirror and raised my eyebrow. "Sorry, your music just caught me off guard. Super senses...it's loud....it hurt....never mind."

"Sorry." I muttered. I glued my eyes back on the road, the desert that was Arizona was flying by us meaning some cacti, a couple Joshua trees and lots and lots of desert.

"What are you going to tell mom?" Macy questioned turning angry eyes at her sister. "And what about you Joe?? What is your family going to do?"

"I dunno..." Rose murmured, looking down at her hands. She looked like she was in pain. Lots of it.

"I guess...tell them I had to go on an unexpected trip...or something." Joe said looking at Macy, "At least you're with us." He grinned.

Kella looked at me and then at everyone again. "I'm going to start explaining to them some more...I left some stuff out."

I nodded. "I really don't feel like listening to it again...I'll be listening to music now." Kella shrugged and proceeded to turn around in her chair so she was facing everyone else.

I glanced at Macy in the back seat her phone was clutched one hand her knuckles white. And she picked at purple fingernails with her other hand. She was nervous.

We drove for about an hour farther and farther away from the school we got. Until I really had to go to the bathroom. I pulled off at a rest area. Pulling my headphones out I glanced at Kella. "I'm sorry but I've really got to go to the bathroom and I'm thirsty."

"Nah, it's good. We need to stretch our legs." She said as she shifted around in her seat.

"I think I'll tell mom we're at the Mall," Macy said as she grabbed her phone, "you know...buy us a little extra time."

Kella whipped around to stare at Macy, her brow furrowed but she said nothing. As we all got out of the van Kella continued to watch her.

"Hey um, Macy....who are you texting again?"

"My mom." Macy spat.

"I'm sorry but I really don't believe you." Kella stated, "You're lying to me....bad idea." Then the phone flew from Macy's fingers.

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