The Heart

This poem was a bit of a spontaneous one, I just sat down and thought about what would be a good topic for the poem, then it hit me. Write about The Heart. But not in a scientific or logical sense but in an emotional and almost personified sense :D. I appreciate poetry because its a way for people to express themselves through writing and also its an effective way of telling a short story. My favourite poem

Chapter 1

The Heart

by: AJPJ
The Heart is a phenomenal part of you,
Its kicked and knocked until its broken,
Its harmed and hit until its blue.

The Heart sometimes breaks,
Its shaken and shot until its hurt,
Its punched and poked until it aches.

Yet the Heart makes us who we are,
It thumps when our love is near,
It heals every open scar.

The Heart we could not live without,
It gives us hope and comfort,
It takes away all doubt.

The Heart is what makes us humane,
Its our love and compassion,
And this might sound insane...

But even when we have given up and we are beat,
Our Heart tells us NO and gets back on its feet.


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